iPhone 6s still Worth in 2023 to use or Skip it

Are you still on iPhone 6S and thinking that it was a great idea to have an iPhone 6s in 2023

Last year the iPhone 6s did not get any iOS 16 update and if we look out it now in 2023 which is stuck on iOS 15.7.4 does it usable or not I think you need to know

iPhone 6s Gets iOS 15.7.4

Things are changed so far, for now, the iPhone 6s is very old enough as it is also listed on the vintage product list which makes sense to use did you know this iPhone received more than six years of software updates from iOS 10 to iOS 15

for me, it’s good to see iOS 15 on it and still, it looks like I am holding a new iPhone however it getting old

Can you still use it

Unlike the iPhone7 which again runs on the same iOS 15, for now, both iPhones are still usable if you look out to the app store most of the apps you can install and it usable this iPhone 6s is old and in the coming years which I experienced my old iPhone you may going to have limited apps support not for but in future

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Future of iPhone 6s

Every iPhone once a day no longer eligible to get an update from Apple as the iPhone 5s and 6 are no longer receive any Major iOS update but it still gets minor updates Apple which is good by the way so it obvious that after iOS 15 I don’t think it eligible for iOS 16 & 17 which doesn’t mean it won’t get any security updates

Common Advantages of iPhone 6S

iOS Update: As it Receives iOS 15 and there is still a chance it will get security updates

Apps: All app store apps can be installed due to iOS and it will take a longer time when the app left support iOS 15

Battery: Battery is crucial when it comes to backup and if you decent battery then it will be great but most of the time you require to replace it

Gaming: Gaming is how Far better than the previous iPhone and causal games run pretty well or you play PUBG then it is still ok with as HD gameplay as possible with the 6S and not with the 6

Overall Performance: Overall Performance is Good comparing the old iPhone but you can’t compare it with flagships as the newer iPhones are better than iPhone 6S

What if iPhone left Support for iPhone 6s

Many Fear about what if Apple left support for the iPhone 6s I also fear as same with my iPhone 6 but not much due still iPhone 6 can do lots of things but I can’t ignore that some features might not be present in the iPhone 6 but the experience with iPhone 6 is ok ok

iOS 15.7.4 is still good to go

So, Here’s Why the iPhone 6s in 2023 still worth

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