How to backup your iPhone with Google, iTunes and iCloud

How to backup your iPhone with Google, iTunes and iCloud

How to backup your iOS with Google, iTunes and iCloud

Moving with your Phone capturing photos video and downloading anything into your device but when your Device getting low and you don’t know what to do at that time than you should backup your phone. So here we are going to discuss how to backup your iPhone with Google, iTunes and iCloud.

Firstly, we talk about how many ways to backup up your Device so when we are going to factory rest of our data or we want to save our data for after use but sometimes our phone content somehow delect by mistakenly and I know that you won’t going to lose your data after all we are going to discuss how you can easily backup your Data

Why we backup our data

Everyone know that you cannot storage your data after your got full and one of the irritating thing pop-up on screen that your phone memory or memory card is full what next we do most of us do take know that how to back up your device it better to do by deleting your waste content on your phone but when every content is important than we need to backup for content it Good to back up your device weekly or monthly purpose in order to secure your data

Ways to backup your device

Right now there more ways to backup your device instantly you can backup your data without using any software or also you can backup your device without any software or any app.
In case you are using iPhone

When it comes to backup your iPhone one of best tool that able to backup your whole data whenever you want it can be done with help of internet does not require any third party app but another is required internet of course it your choice how you going to backup

The iTunes:– if you use iPhone you know about the iTunes well it required to download the Software click here to download. Once you download iTunes you not need to do anything by simply putting your device into your PC, or Mac it starts automatically start taking your iPhone or iPad to backup one of the simple way don’t any technical knowledge.

Features of iTunes  

You can say your device need care means iTunes need into your PC or Mac it just starts simply backup your data and also sync your whole data  you can easily able to do
  • Take your Device Backup
  • Import your Music
  • Import your Video
  • Install Apps,also 
  • It can upgrade your Firmware


Another way it not need any software coz it came pre-installed into your iPhone or iPad.

Guess what

Ya, better known I was taking about i-Cloud. If you were connected to internet especially when you are in a Wi-Fi it simply ask you before it’s going to take you back up but it need internet so whenever you won’t you can take backup you can easily backup your Device with ease


Disappointing point to know that it only support 5GB for every who owns a iPhone or IPad but it not mean you cannot use more storage after upgrading can access beyond 5GB after purchasing from Apple


You forgot something to include

Ya, Google also offer for backup your content

So, in order to backup your Data  need a single account but make sure you have install the Google drive into your iPhone now cool thing it that you manually backup your data or when you compare your data with i-Cloud it offers only 5GB per individual but here google Drive supports 15GB data.

so, all these are best ways to backup your iDevice 

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