YouTube iOS 10.3.4 for iPhone 5,5c

The way YouTube Changes our lives and is still one of my favorite apps so it doesn’t matter if you use an Android or an iPhone you first look out for YouTube and one of the most frustrating is that you won’t able to Install it on older iPhone’s such as YouTube for iOS 10.3.4

YouTube on iOS 10.3.4 vs iOS

Things You need to Know about iPhone 5

Over the period of time apps are redesigned, optimized and lots of new features can be seen on on YouTube while this new YouTube won’t available to the older version of iOS app which some features might not work on your iPhone 5 or 5c

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Latest version of YouTube V/s Old YouTube App (iOS 10.3.4)

While YouTube for the last version 14.44.3 which is supported by the iPhone 5 and this looks good and but you might experience some features may not work on your old version of the app might be in future you required an update to use YouTube which is not possible for iPhone 5,5c

Overall now you can still use it and play your videos on YouTube for iPhone 5,5c

How to Install YouTube for iOS 10.3.4 iPhone 5,5c

if You are on iPhone 5 which is stuck at iOS 10.3.4 which is not bad actually it’s good at least the iOS 10 you have means you can still use apps that not means you can able to Install the latest version of the YouTube App

For Installing old apps checkout link is given below

Download old iOS Apps for iPhone 5,5c

Fix YouTube Tap to Retry


Can i Able to Install YouTube on iPhone 5?

Yes You can

Why i can’t able to update YouTube on iPhone 5?

YouTube currently requires iOS 14 that’s why it needs an update.

When YouTube no longer support on my iPhone 5?

YouTube App left support for iPhone 5,5c

Is night Mode working on YouTube on iPhone 5?

Yes Night Mode can be used in iPhone 5 for YouTube.

Will YouTube Premium Will Work?

No Longer Working Anymore