You will now able to use OneDrive offline in Android

You will now able to use OneDrive offline in Android 

The OneDrive has been updated so that you can go offline and use it,But you will not be able to view additional files online, especially if you can see additional files offline This was going to fixes more bugs and there is lot more new features improvement can be seen in the OneDrive. 

it seems like rather viewing OneDrive File in Offline it was actually old feature for Windows but seen in Android having much improvement for the Android User one of the new feature outcome which especially not in android earlier which is downloading whole bunch of folder means the downloading whole folder that contains files but earlier who uses OneDrive in Android they should know that for Android there is only one single file would downlaod in OneDrive for offline Use. 

office 350 has already implemented the Multiple File offline view it was not actually a new feature for windows user who already seen in Office 360 but still better for who user who uses OneDrive in their Android .  

Source: PhoneArena

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