Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader Full Guide Step by Step

Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader Full Guide Step by Step 

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Unlocking Bootloader is simple for the Device like Samsung, Android One, Nexus, Pixel but when time to come unlocking the Bootloader for the Mi Device it quite complex there is reason behind this if you earlier Unlocked any device there is no need permission your Manufacturer to unlock your boot loader well I flashed many custom ROM and unlocked my Android One rather I take permit Google to should I unlock my Bootloder but as in case of Mi device there is totally different
In oder to unlock the Bootloader you have to take the permission for officially to unlock your Bootloader not in the case of any device it especially seen on Redmi Device and it takes time to process
So, How to do this

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While you process next you need things before you go next
  1. Mi Account
  2. Mi Unlock tool


Now lets Go inside of it
First go to the Link from here
Before you moved forward next
Android2techpreviw is not responsible for any damages you are doing at your own we are tried out in our Mi device and done successfully

Necessary things you do first

  • First you proper backup your device
  • Maintain your battery percentage at least 70%(recommended)


This will out work out all the Redmi Device E.g
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi Note 4
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi 3s
  • Redmi 3s Prime


Now you well see this following into your Screen Now
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader  1
Unlock now button
After log In go to your Account
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader  2
Unlock your Account with Mobile OTP
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 3
Give OTP
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 5
Wait until Received the Massage like this
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 6
After that main step you need to do that make sure that you received the massage from Mi that you 
can now download and install the Unlocktool App
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 7
  • After opening the Mi Unlock tool 
  • Simply log In your Account


After the your screen Pop Up like this
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 8

  • Plug your Device and wait for 30 second
  • After you device is listed now
  • Tap to unlock your Device
  • It takes time to unlock you Mi
  • Wait unit it done properly
  • After this confirmation will pop up into your Screen
Xiaomi Unlocking Bootloader 9


That means that your Mi now unlocked well
If having any issue let us now we are to help you out