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Easy way to fix the Windows 10 Updates


Windows 10 one of the good about this that it it automatically download the update over internet while your Pc Connected. Microsoft is doing a good Job for update safe you from the Latest Security and keep you safe from the unwanted malware.
Now, here we talking about how you actually fix the Windows 10 Update download over the Internet. Not Good to Disable the Update may be some chances that you can,t get the latest software update and the Security patch.

How To Disable Update

Whenever you cannot to internet comparing with the back Windows Version like the windows 7 Or the Windows 8/8.1 there is option to disable the system update or latter installation option but Now Windows 10 has no option to disable the software update but there is tricky to disable the updates over internet it beneficial those who owns a limited data plans.

  • When your Device Connected
  • Go to Your Settings
  • Network And Sharing Centre
  • Click on the Advance
  • Make sure you enable the Metered connection tick out

That’s ok
What this goona helps you 
When you are on the Metered connection windows understands that you have a limited data so, windows automatically stops the System upgrade that whenever you connect with the Same network that you select the metered connection.
You Are Done!

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Ajay Sharma

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