Windows 10 Free upgardation now Ended

Windows 10 Free Up-gradation now Ended.

Image Source: Official Microsoft Website

Windows let Everyone knows,s about the Microsoft windows 10 past year when it gonna launched so, it started to offer to users to made them free Up-gradation As it lunched July 29th 2015.As now we are landed on 29th the deadline that Microsoft marked as the last day.
In Microsoft windows 10 software Up-gradation Microsoft try to offer you a free upgrade over widows 7 And 8 to windows 10. On that days people install and upgraded their using Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10 versions. Sadly there is no days left yet Up-gradation now been there is not free any more now you have to pay for Up-gradation cost to Microsoft,s Up-gradation Plan for Windows 10..Those who upgraded your windows during free period you can also get Software up gradation from windows at no cost soon.

So, as the Up-gradation has now over you no longer get this for the free upgraded are you upgraded.

Ajay Sharma

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