Will iPhone 6s,6s Plus & SE Get iOS 16?

iPhone 6s is about 7 years old in 2022 even if look at iPhone SE 1st Generation which is also old about 6 years both of them are running pretty well you can still play casual games, call WhatsApp even you can do your day to day tasks you need to know that this iPhone’s running Apple’s A9 Chip which means both are running iOS 15 and for an iPhone that gets more than seven years of major iOS version update

but the main point is will iPhone 6s get iOS 16 or not?

No Official confirmation for the iOS 16 Update

iOS 16 is coming for sure but we really don’t know which iPhones will support and I don’t think that the iPhone 6s will get iOS 16 due to it getting old and seven years of update of an iPhone it more what we can expect from Apple and I don’t think even if the non-apple phones will get an update for so long period of time

Still, there is confirmation about iOS 16 for iPhone 6s,6s Plus, and SE 1st Generation

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When iOS 16 is coming to iPhone/iPadiPhone

As so far we know there is no official announcement yet when the iOS 16 is coming however we can predict that similar to last year when the iOS 15 came out with its beta first for the developer’s thereafter public beta release at end of June

You also know that there is something new is coming and it’s obvious iPhone 14 series that are going to release when we can get an idea about the final release of iOS 16

What if iPhone 6s,6s Plus not get iOS 16

I know that chances of getting iOS 16 for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are still in doubt which again may not eligible for iOS 16 but it doesn’t mean you can’t get security updates you can expect minor security updates which you will no matter if you won’t get iOS 16

and still, we don’t know when the security update also fade away

In the end, if you still using it you can use it as long you want but you need to think about upgrading your iPhone for getting Major iOS updates in future