Why iPhone 7 Better Than iPhone 6s in 2022

iPhone 7 Comes with its powerful processor inside which is A10 Fusion 64-bit with M10 Motion co-processor far better than the iPhone 6s which is powered with A9 Chip and there are tots of things that need to discuss Why the iPhone 7 is better than the iPhone 6s

Both iPhone’s are good in terms day to day of usage than why iPhone 7 better let us find out

Both iPhone’s 6s Gets iOS 15

iPhone 6s Gets iOS 14 which is great how far is good for the iPhone 6s owners but things are that some features of iOS 14 is made of for newer iPhone and iPad

Due to Some features, you may not get in iPhone 6s but overall iOS 14 will greatly impact its performance and have access to most app store apps which is good

Will iPhone 6s get iOS 16

There is no official announcement yet but as you know iPhone 6s getting old enough and I don’t think it will be updated to iOS 16 but you may receive security updates due to it being quite old in 2022

The Native version of iOS on iPhone 6s came with iOS 9 back at 2015

iOS 10 2016

iOS 11 2017

iOS 12 2018

iOS 13 2019

iOS 14 2020

iOS 15 2021

Both iPhones are discontinued

iPhone 7 is far better than the iPhone 6s in terms of performance overall it’s packed with A10 Bionic which faster comparing 6S and even 6S Plus, however, iPhone 7 and 6s are discontinued but still, you can get it on various online portals

it doesn’t mean that the iPhone 6s is not good which is one of the best iPhone’s that I used but it seems to get older and maybe there are no iOS 15 updates that can be seen on this which may release this year

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Why iPhone 6s better than 6

Why iPhone 7 worth to have

iPhone 7 is good and it really faster you can still use most of the tasks as you use as primary yo won’t get lags in terms of performance-wise but I am disappointed with the battery overall great to have


it’s Small: This iPhone is a Small iPhone which is better than previous-generation iPhone 5s, and SE and most of the time users like me need a small iPhone, and this is worth and fits on your pocket

iPhone 7 in Hand

iOS 16 may receive: iPhone 7 native iOS version which is iOS 10 and last year it upgraded to iOS 15 and still gives a good performance on it which is good

The camera is Good: When it comes to the camera this iPhone won’t disappoint you in any way one thing you notice is it has only one camera which makes no portrait photos can be taken with it

PUBG can be Played at HDR: if you Play to iPhone 7 then it’s far better than iPhone 6s where’s the HDR won’t support HD can be played but HDR is Good on iPhone 7

Battery still Good: When it comes to battery both iPhone 6s and 7 gives you better backup but in iPhone 7 you can expect extra hours of backup and which depends on its health

Should we go for the iPhone 7

I don’t think it a bad idea to go for iPhone 7 if it fits on your budget but in 2021 I don’t think it is worth it as if you want a small iPhone for light usage then you should go for it but you can even go for the SE 2020

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