WhatsApp added Face-ID and Touch-ID Security feature to iOS

WhatsApp added Face-ID and Touch-ID Security feature to iOS

WhatsApp added Face-ID and Touch-ID

WhatsApp is widely and one of the popular instant messaging app over time to time we see many changes and update to the app and this time Face-id and Touch-id would help user a lot the while if we go look to the security of WhatsApp where two step verification option already there in iOS but this all new security will truly help many iOS users

Due there is no native lock screen there for the WhatsApp for the iPhone so this was a truly a native Face-id and Touch-iD which allows user to lock their WhatsApp while if we you hold an Android same as iPhone there is no Native lock feature provided by the WhatsApp but however you could do manually using third party apps form Play-store

How to Apply Face-ID and Touch-ID to Your iPhone

We have to know that iPhone which are support Touch-id will definitely get the Touch-id for the authentication but due there is no Face-id is present to older iPhone were not be able to apply the face-ID Authentication to their iPhone including iPhone such iPhone 5s, SE,6,6s,7, so you can expect you will get a touch-id authentication to your iPhone  

If you are wondering to enable it your iPhone you need to do following things in Order to do these things

Make sure you are using an Updated WhatsApp for iPhone build version 2.19.20

If you don’t have that you can download it from here

After downloading you need to apply following

Go to

Settings-Account-Privacy-Screen Lock

You will find two option one is to unlock with touch-id and Face-iD