What is Stock Android OS

Stock Android And the Customise Android OS

we let know that every phone user has note having idea that they are using a stock android or Customise OS what the phone that are using.
Here You should know what is stock Android 

Stock OS

Stock Android Can be termed as actually what kind of software has loaded in the phone having the manufacturer has given in the out of the box or we also say that phone having at the time when the phone has made thought the official OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) provider.

we seen that every Manufacturer uses its own customise interface and collection of their there own modified Application. Having own customise application has going to be part of the stock OS.
Here are the few example: Samsung,s TouchWiz, Motorola,s Motoblur, and Google,s owned by the
Google Now Launcher.

Custom OS

Let you Know that The word  custom OS ( Operating System ) or the Customised OS. The Word Custom Means the Modification.When a Modification having a stock Android OS like Modification of the Display, Logs and the various kind of the OS.
Let you Know Rooting your Device also came under the customised Operating