What are these iPhone 4 Top 10 Problems ?

Are You Using iPhone 4 Top 10 Problems You May Experience 

The Reality of iPhone 4 now days people still kept this iPhone or many of use it as calling purpose refurbished now available at very cheap price so whatsoever few iPhone 4 face issue regarding the Software As Be Honest I am no longer using an iPhone 4 right now
Did You still Use iPhone 4?
Did You Know why I moved to an iPhone 4 In this post we cover the problem you face in iPhone 4 nowadays
It doesn’t mean that I don’t love iPhone while I face many issue regarding this iPhone 4 and really there is no choice is left only way find iPhone upgrade would be the best way to do I know you also face many problems regarding the iPhone 4 I upgraded iPhone now but still kept the iPhone however it slow this time Here iPhone 4 Top 10 Problems

What Problems You Face using iPhone 4

I will try cover all those problems that one of major problem of this iPhone As You know that iPhone 4 is quite Old and it obvious that if you kept phone which too old nowadays as result face problem using it
Problems that you face   
IOS 7:
One of the Biggest Problem of This iPhone 4 which runs the iOS 7.1.2 while the iPhone 4s gets iOS 8 at least running the iOS 9 now so what if iPhone 4 has iOS 7.1.2 ? If You checkout the App store apps store it supports only few apps that runs iOS 7 supported apps means most of the basic apps moved to the latest version of iOS
What You Think iPhone should have iOS 8 Possible ? 
Big No! it wasn’t actually possible with iPhone 4 coz it hardware won’t capable to handle the iOS 8 update think if the iOS 7 is not running properly it lag while using the Installed Apps from the Apps Store expect the stock apps respond great but Did iPhone 4 can survive with iOS  7 but still most of you search iOS 8,9 for iPhone 4   running its 10 year of anniversary iPhone X
Battery Drains
Battery not so powerful to hold your iPhone 4 whole day except if you use less but while not as heavy gamer I used to to play Clash of Clans in my iPhone 4 I can hardly able to play two to three hours if charged is full I don’t know about you how you use your iPhone 4
Heat Problem
Heat Problem is not so impressive don’t know why but it heat very much if I used to play games or using any apps to iPhone 4 it not only problem with iPhone 4 while Playing Asphalt on iPhone 5s also heat problem occurs
While Camera supposed to be not good as much but really respect the video quality of this iPhone most of low end Android Phone still not be able to record videos like iPhone 4 records and it doesn’t fare to compere its camera with latest iPhone’s and Android Phone now day’s dual camera concept in Boom
Restart Automatically
I don’t know how many have problem when your iPhone 4 restart no reason I face this and really it quite frustrating while it happens when playing games and doing other task so it not really restart frequently using it most of time  
WhatsApp Soon No Longer Support to iPhone
Already Apps like YouTube ,Facebook and Twitter and more of that So WhatsApp is Currently No Longer Supports for IOS 6.1.6 in iPhone 3Gs and Recently WhatsApp Plan to End Support for the iOS 7 so You can expect that after 2020 You no longer able to use WhatsApp to Your iPhone 4
Full HD videos Not Support : It can easily handle most of 720p resolution video on it default video player but if you wondering to play 720p videos on different players like VLC player it Freeze most of time and videos don’t even play very well on it
Network Issues: Network Issue another most frustrating on this phone however mobile data is often good but the connectivity of WIFI not so good if your WIFI router the range of iPhone 4 quite low and it auto disconnect overall everything works well like Bluetooth and Mobile Data
Lag While Playing games : While Playing Game on it Candy Crush and Clash of clans games start getting lag on iPhone 4 which bad actually while playing games on it I played games Real Racing 3 Temple Run 2 quite stable on it
Data Sync Cable Not work : Data Sync cable I don’t know how many time changed it while charging it works well but using this all time it not respond most of time don’t why may be issue with my charging point of iPhone
At The End
I Know if you are using iPhone 4 nowadays you may experience this kind of issue on your iPhone or face different issue regarding it so you can also share with us 
Tell Me in a comment what problem you face while using This iPhone 4
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