Uncover Jailbreak for iOS 12/14 iPhone/iPad

Uncover Jailbreak is a semi-untethered that allows you to jailbreak iOS 12/14 supported iPhone/iPad no matter which iPhone you are on its supported by most iPhone such as iPhone 5s to iPhone 12 Pro Max the current version of the uncover is right now 6.1.2

As it is Semi-untethered means you require to again jailbreak if you restart your iPhone it otherwise it won’t work

Why You need An Uncover

Uncover is one of the trusted tools which helps you to get jailbreak your iPhone easily but why only uncover however there are many alternative also exist but this one of the tools allows you to get Cydia installed properly with ease you can do it with pc or no pc

Which iPhone’s is Supported

Uncover Jailbreak

Uncover is compatible with most of the iPhone’s no matter if you using iPhone 5s or iPhone 12 Max Pro the thing you need to know that make sure the iOS version you are on must support otherwise it won’t support e.g Uncover supports iOS 14.3 but if you have higher version such as 14.5 or 14.5.1 which shows unsupported for more updates when more version will support in future get updated with Uncover

Here’s the list of Supported iPhone with uncover Jailbreak

iPhone 5s,

iPhone 6,6 Plus,6S

iPhone 7,7 Plus

iPhone 8,8 Plus

iPhone X,XR,XS Max

iPhone 11,12

Supported iOS version

iOS 12.4-12.5.3

iOS 13-13.7

iOS 14-14.3

Can I Jailbreak iOS 9/10?

if you are using iPhone’s like iPhone 4s,5,5c which is not supported means you can still jailbreak it other tools available such as H3lix Jailbreak or Phoenix Jailbreak where’s these are 32 bit semi-unthreaded may be one of the reasons not supported by uncover

Ways to Download and Install Uncover Jailbreak

With PC

You Can jailbreak with uncover using the Atlstore which requires to have a PC you need to have Altstore Installed on your pc the best thing windows also supported by it means no matter if you don’t have a Mac


You can also do it without having any pc as i already shared which is for Jailbreak using Appcake