Twitter for iOS 12.5.6 for iPhone 5s,6

Twitter is a social networking site that allows us to share thoughts with tweets its widely popular across the world and it can be easily available on iOS’s App Store on Android’s Play Store I know you also use Twitter as I use it often for check what’s trending if you have old iPhone such as iPhone 5s or 6 then you can’t able to Install twitter now

Twitter requires iOS 14 for now

Twitter requires iOS 14 for now which means only iPhone 6s and later iPhone can install it recently I installed it but I missout something on iOS 12 you need to know that most of the apps now requires later iOS version 15 recently apps like Netflix for iPhone 6 and Google Chrome is moved

This means you can’t update it to iOS 13 the reason it’s showing an update but when try to update it won’t update

Is there is way to install it

Twitter still can be installed on your iPhone but the only thing you require is already installed otherwise you can’t install even apps like Netflix as well means use your Apple ID that is associated with previous apps like Twitter as well but if you previously installed for mistakenly deleted then don’t worry you can still install it

What if I never downloaded Twitter before mean you can’t able to install it you require an iPhone that supports iOS 13 or later where you can log in and use it to download apps back to your iPhone my strong recommendation is that its time you need to move to a newer iPhone otherwise the apps issue will occur again to you at the end no matter you download the app will no longer work

Why did twitter moves to iOS 14

for the first its not just the first where apps are likely moved later iOS version it happened past iPhone 4s well where most of the basic apps no longer support like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and more this may happen due to fixing bugs and stability to apps and one common reason also iPhone 5s,6 get very old

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but, the iPhone 5s,6 are still used by many of you even me as well but things I have other newer iPhones as well, and the iPhone 5s,6 I used for a secondary purpose which means it is ok as it is quite old for now

Can I still install it on my iPhone

As tried to Install it on my iPhone previously where I did it what I just installed it previously which allows me to download it again on my iPhone 5s and hope it helps

now this working for now which means you can able to use Twitter on iOS 12.5.5 but for how long I don’t know you need to consider an iPhone that runs latest iOS version like iOS 16