Top 50 Apps for iPhone 5,5c iOS 10.3.3-10.3.4

Top 50 Apps for iPhone 5,5c iOS 10.3.3-10.3.4

If You still own an old iPhone 5 or 5c and want to download apps into your iPhone so you are in right place here we are here to tell you apps that compatible to your iPhone but before we move I want to tell you that we make a list that hopefully help you to download apps for iOS 10.3.3-10.3.4

You may experience some apps will no longer works however you download them form the list

Things you need to about iPhone 5,5c

IPhone 5 comes with bigger screen comparing iPhone 4s even with more RAM also we rid out of 16 pin Charging which really matters a lot that time when it comes back at 2012 the native version of iOS version runs is iOS 6 and final update is iOS 10.3.4 and somehow it stuck nowadays

This doesn’t means it doesn’t worth still some apps supported and some apps require iOS 11 and later version but we can still able to download it    

How to Download Compatible Apps on iOS 10.3.3  

Apps iOS 10.3.3

You need a least iPhone which runs latest version of iOS I usually used multiple iPhone such 5s,6, and 6s which makes me easy to download apps for the previous version of iOS apps on my iPhone 4,4s,5, hopefully you need multiple iPhone to download older version apps on your older iPhones or you can with iTunes to download apps

Also Read, Download older Version Apps With iTunes

List of 50 Apps for iOS 10.3.3 iPhone 5,5c

AppsiOS VersionWork/May Not Compatibility
WhatsApp9Yes Not Required
Facebook 10YesNot Required
YouTube 11YesRequired
Snapchat10YesNot Required
Netflix12May Not WorkRequired
Prime Video12YesRequired
WhatsApp Business9YesNot Required
Google Duo11YesRequired
Microsoft Outlook12YesRequired
Amazon Music12YesRequired
Adobe Lightroom 12.3YesRequired
YouTube Music11YesRequired
Microsoft Edge 10YesNot Required
Google Calendar 10YesNot Required
VLC for Mobile9YesNot Required
Skype10YesNot Required
Discord10YesNot Required
Uber Eats12.4YesRequired
Google Photos11YesRequired
HBO Max12.2May not WorkRequired
Telegram 9YesRequired
Audible 13May not WorkRequired
Google Meet12
Zoom8YesNot Required
Facebook Messenger9YesNot Required
Google Maps11YesRequired
Google App12YesRequired
Amazon Shopping 12May Not WorkRequired
HULU12May Not WorkRequired
Wish10.3YesNote Required
Google Translate11YesRequired
Evernote 13.2May Not WorkRequired

So, These are the Apps that still you can Install on Your iPhone but you are longer update the app which required iOS 11 and later Version even app might not work if you Install


Why I can’t able to Download on iPhone 5 ?

iPhone 5 is quite old mostly you require iOS 14 at least.

When Apps no longer Support to iPhone 5,5c?

Well There is no guarantee when apps will not work

Download compatible version but requires update?

Apps You download via Compatibility Doesn’t mean will Work

Is there is anyway to update Apps to Latest Version

No, The last version support iOS 10.3.4

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