Top 5 Apps No Longer Support iOS 12-12.5.1

Most of use iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus where’s the iOS version currently running which is iOS 12.5.1 as of now and when it comes to apps most of the apps currently requires a least iOS 11 and iOS 12 but there is something that you need to know

Here’s some apps that are no longer on iOS 12 they moved to iOS 13 so far so what are those apps

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Why Apps Moved to iOS 13

iOS 14 is currently running on iPhone 6s and other iPhone’s excluding iPhone 5s,6 and 6 Plus and iOS 15 is on the way but it takes time until the beta updates is came and final stable version is take a long while but the things is that why apps moved iOS 13

iOS 13 is comes with great new features but this time more often iOS 14 is used by most of iPhone’s currently only the iPhone SE, 6s and 6S Plus have iOS 14 which is going the last version so on and iOS 15 no longer be available to these iPhone

Which Apps Moved to iOS 13

When i was trying to install few apps when it showing that this apps require iOS 13 or later so i tried with my iPhone 5s that runs iOS 12.5.1 now so but which apps requires iOS 13 or later


Amazon Music


Microsoft Office


This apps no longer supports iOS 12 but this apps still can be used into your iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus with compatibility i test this apps working fine now few things you only get in iOS 13 or later

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