Top 10 Video Editors for iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12.5.7

I know that you want to edit your videos on your iPhone 5s or 6 which is the oldest iPhone to date as this iPhone no longer gets any major updates and we all know at some point you require to move to an iPhone that the least support the latest version of iOS

So, so I have an iPhone 5s also an iPhone 6 so I tried to find out of some of the apps on the App Store and found luckily some of the apps are still on iOS 12 which means you can not only install but can use them on your iPhone but always remember that this app might be in future will require a update so if its support to your iPhone which means you can use this Video Editors for iPhone 5s,6

Things you need to know about video editors on iPhone 5s and 6

So, As I already mentioned is the iPhone 5s and 6 are way old, and this not 2015 or 2016 which makes sense that these iPhones at present date have limited apps supported and who knows how long these iPhones can be supported

I know that many still think about iMovie but the problem is that it will work for those who were installed earlier than on their iPhone if never installed before so you can try this app on your iPhone 5s, or 6 for basic video editing

Top 10 Video Editors for iPhone 5s,6

InShot: InShot is a video editing app that works on almost any iPhone I found that this works on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 it offers lots of things you can add Music, Stickers text, filters animate, and crop as you are getting almost all the required things which is great

Spice: Spice Again is a Video editing app that offers a great level of customization on the app you will get lots of features like you can add text, overlays, Sound also you can voice cover but when it comes to adding music or captions to your video you need to upgrade it however you still use it for a basic and professional level of editing with this

VivaCut: VivaCut is also one of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad so I know when it comes to video editing apps for iPhone 6 which seems limited I don’t think viva cut will disappoint you as it offers most of the required things you need on the app so its free version also good for professional video editing but with free version things are limited

Filmora: Filmora is one of the best-known video editing apps you will find on App its offers lots of features you can trim, add text, emoji, and stickers also you can change the background of the video as well so if you try to use it works best almost any iPhone or iPad but surprisingly it’s still working with iPhone 6 with the free version you need to go with watermark

GoCut Video Editor: Gocut Video Editor offers lots of customization offers but the best part you will like about this app as it has AI VFX which you can use in your videos also has a bunch of effects you can also add to your video which makes the video more interesting as it works with iPhone 6

Video Up: Video Up is again a great video editing app especially if you are looking for your iPhone 6 you choose the aspect ratio for your video as it offers most of the platforms like Instagram reels, unlike spice you can do everything except the effects and music require you to upgrade as I tried to export but it won’t allow on the free version

Video Show & Video Make: With Videsohow you can edit your video unlike most video editing apps like crop, add stickers, filters, and overlays the best part about this editing app is you can use a cutout feature when you add any images to your video which is great you can export your video but with free version watermark will exist

YouCut: You cut is also great when it comes to editing your video it offers all the necessary things you edit a video you can trim, Add Music, and stickers, also with effects you can enhance your videos most of them are free to use but some of them are paid but with its pro version you get no ads, premium effects, filters, and transition

Video Editors – Trim Filters: This also good editors if you are looking for your iPhone 5s, or 6 and work amazing

Video Editor & Maker: this is the last app you can also install on your iPhone and this works great with your iPhone good for both basic level and professional levels of video editing

Will these Editing Apps work in the future?

There is no guarantee that this app will work on iPhone 5s, 6 so as long these apps are supported you can use it for your basic and professional video editing

So, these are some of the video editing apps you can use it with your iPhone 5s & 6 that work best with iOS 12.5.7

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