Steps to install GTA vice city on your iPhone without App store

How to install GTA vice city on your iPhone without App Store

How to install GTA vice city on your iPhone

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If you are using a iPhone and you don’t know how to download GTA vice city into your device I know that you can able to easily install but you need to pay to the Apple for download but if I say it can be done without paying any cost either you don’t download over the App Store. so How to install GTA vice city on your iPhone without App store

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Which iPhone Supports

Well it Works with all of the iPhone device it like the iOS 7 or later device a fcourece  support this well you need a Jailbreak device to get this work out or if you are already jail broken your IOS that means good but if you won’t Jailbreak your iOS than you should,t  be able to download.

How To install it Right Now

1st method Installing Third Party App Store into you iPhone

Well Good You’re jailbroken you iOS Now firstly remember that you are jailbroken your Device as you cannot be able to download it over App Store if you go there you should have pay the download charge Now ? what well don’t worry it not mean you cannot able to download there is two way to download as the App store it there now we need to add a third party App store into your iPhone the main cause to jailbreak your iOS is to install third party App store. Apple Not allow to install any third party App Store but don’t worry now you’re jailbroken.

When you are install one of these App store I should recommend you download Appcake well when you properly install the App Cake now with the APPCAKE you need one more thing to install from Cydia  App Sync

Now Open the APP CAKE

Search for the “GTA”
Now you can see “GTA VICE CITY”

You have to download it
Once download TAP for install
It takes time to install wait

(Note : sometimes it not install if you are using older version of iOS than you should have to install the previous version)

If you are using iPhone 4 or the iPhone 3GS device that means you have to go for the previous version but there is no need to install previous version for the later version of iOS like iPhone 5 and later one.

If you don’t want install Any App stores you can able to install without installing any app store.


  • You need a PC or Mac

  • You should have to install iTunes with latest version

  • Or you can install with iFUNBOX

With iTunes

  • Now you the .IPA file of GTA San Andress   
  • You can able to download from APP CAKE
  • Simply go here

When it Open

Search for the Vice City

Now Select the Vice city

Download the GTA.IPA file

  • Go to iTunes
  • Now ADD the GTA file
  • GO to APP section
  • Now you can see the GTA
  • Now tap on install wait
  • You’re successfully install GTA

Or if the iTunes Method not work than you should go for iFUNBOX

  • Open iPhone
  • Make sure your iPhone is Connected
  • Now select the GTA file
  • Wait few Movement
  • Make sure you have sufficient Storage at least 2GB
  • Yes you are now install GTA 
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