Steps to Download and Install Stock Android update’s Right Now

Steps to Download and Install  Stock Android update’s Right Now

Most of Device are not updated to the latest version of Android however they are stock version of Android but they cannot be termed as the pure stock Android which currently now on Google Phone which are Google Pixel And earlier Nexus Lineup Device but few OEM Devices Got updated to the Latest version but takes time to arrive near you rather if you are using Android One, and Google Pixel Device now

If you are going to update your Stock Android Version right now

Things you need to know before updating your Phone

If you are going to update your Android Updates then you need to know that firstly you need get notified there is update pop-up should be flash on your Android otherwise there is no way to update your Device but if update available but but not yet pop-ups your System update panel means you need to be force update your Device but if update available you can update right now

How update Right Now Your Stock Android

First we need to check there is update available or not by simply going to System Update panel if there is update available if there in no update is showing you can do force update so how to force update

First Try changing the Dates (Change it manually)

Try clearing your Google Play Services data

Try Clearing Google Service framework data

After the doing this now check update

You will find there is update is available

Now you need to simply Download the update

When the update download

Install the Update it take few time to update

After successful you done updating     


Ajay Sharma

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