root android phone 6.0.1 tutorial

How To Root your phone

What is Rooting a Phone does

Few of you know that that rooting a phone have been made your extraordinary or phone having control over the whole device you are using or may be called the God of your phone.  May we can say that rooting is the process Let you enable  killing the Security of you phone for using unwanted disapproved apps or customize Rom on your phone. 

Benefit of Rooting Your Phone 

As Rooting Phone is useful who don,t to use a OEM provided Software on your. Some who annoyed with the bloatware in having they can,t able to uninstall those apps from your phone even they can,t even stop those apps that are consuming  most of the Ram .A One big Reason is what people were annoyed with also looks of their phone that they try to root their phone for the custom that there phone have looks stunning.with the customization Rom change your phone looks as earlier when you purchased the also allows you control over the Ram Management.

How To Root A Phone

We it comes to root the device as now too many tools are right now available for root your easily with the help of software with one click root or One click Unroot. Or we also root a Device using manual y following are the tools that you can easily root your Device as easy as you think Firstly we discuss about the Software Right now can available For Root.

You can simply able to root your device

1. Root Genius : this is the one way Rooting tool those who want to use their Root their phone with the One click Rooting method  let it developed by SJ Root how to root with using this check out here
2. King Root :this also have a rooting including that you can easily able to root your phone.
Root Genius is the One click tool develop tool Create by SJ Root for Rooting a device. A Rooting a phone make you the use the admin permission level by simply allowing the superuser access those  who want to root the with hassle free rooting than this was suits you. before we start the Rooting process Let,s you know rooting your Phone is going void your warranty so, here you are the responsible to doing this
you basically know that Root Genius allow to one click Root  before doing i should suggest you backup your phone for the data recovery of your phone. make sure you follow this in order to rooting your phone
Requirement : Make sure before you  doing you are not running the Antivirus on your PC or Disable it for the few minutes.
Firstly, we have to enable the USB debugging from the Phone so, how you enable it
Just Go to your settings>tap Developer option> choose the USB debugging by simply tick or someone who are missing the developer setting on there phone. it was easy to enable just follow the Steps:
Open you Setting Go To your about Information make sure tap on the build number not the version by tapping 4 to 5th times lets enable
Download the The Root Genius and run the Software on your Desktop
Open the Software, as you can see that it open before opening you tick the USB debugging on your phone it auto determines that your phone connected with the Root Genies otherwise it saying that there is no phone connected so you allow debugging wait til it auto detect after it detects tap on “ROOT IT” to allow it Root.
Let is automatically Roots the your Device in few minutes. you noticed that a new app has installed this means your device has successfully has been Rooted.
Be aware while you rooting  make sure you are USB Plugged Properly and also having the your content backup