How to Get Season 8 PUBG Royal Pass By Request

A long wait finally ends and the awaited royal pass 8 released today at 7:30 as most of us know that the PUBG Season 7 is ended last 15th July and we expected that the royal pass would be available 16th July as it ended on 15th so In This post we are going to upgrade PUBG Royal Pass By Request

RP locked

i Tried to find out checkout on 16th July the RP showing Locked as the what we expected which not happen yesterday i thought what is going on PUBG where we find that on same day last i received update of 13.5 and rolled out for most of users

Which to choose Elite or Elite Plus

While Most of us don’t go for the Elite Plus Pass but there is few major advantage of getting the Elite Plus Royal Pass where you got lots of benefits but things is to be clear that Elite cost you 600UC and the Elite Plus cost you 1800UC

Things you get in Elite

  • Unlock up-to 100 Rewards through ranking up
  • Unlocked Elite Missions but in

Elite Plus You Get

  • Unlock up-to 100 Rewards through ranking up
  • Unlocked Elite Missions but in
  • Rain Gain upto 25
  • Deep SEA UAZ
  • Bloody Tide Hamlet
  • Ocean Treasure Frame

How to get Season 8 Royal Pass

Most of us usually buy Royal Pass Whenever it arrive as long as the previous season expired the New PUBG Royal Pass is arrived after the expiry

Now, We are on Royal Pass Season 8

Royal Pass RP

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There is Tons of Methods are out there where you can easily able to purchase Royal Pass Season 8 and here we only told you about the the new request feature so here things you need to do so

First, if You have PUBG Installed then ok if not

Download PUBG First


Lookout for Royal Pass upgrade

ELITE Upgrade

Now there is new “Request” is showing

You need Just to Request you can request for both elite and elite Plus

Now, after the approval of request

we need to check out gift center

Received Pass

We need just to collect it

Collected Pass

one last final step is open and after the successfully you got PUBG Royal Pass By Request

so, I know you understand how the the new Request system is works


Do I request to my Friend ?

Yes You can request to Your Friend

I am not Getting Royal Pass after Request ?

I know most of you request to your friend and not getting pass due it only works if the person approve your request

What if You not approval ?

Sad, but if you not getting pass form other’s you need to buy it yourself it basically gift service so it depends on totally on person you request

What if you got

If You got the pass just collect and upgrade