PUBG Lite Mobile Everything Explained Things You Need to Know

PUBG Lite Mobile Everything Explained Things You Need to Know

PUBG is one of the my best game of mine I know you also play PUBG on Your Phone and it really grab attention of everyone and for me I Play a lot on My phone but the things is that if you have low spec on your phone you won’t able to play PUBG smoothly that why most of find alternative In This Post You Know everything about PUBG Mobile Lite

As usual if you have more the 2GB or RAM at least requires to play PUBG in low Graphic it totality depends upon your specs of your phone and really if you want to play PUBG smoothly in High You required to have 3GB of RAM or more

Things You Need to Know

PUBG LITE V/s Mobile
PUBG Mobile V/s LITE

PUBG Lite is made for lower Android phone were can’t able to run PUBG Mobile so you need to thanks PUBG LITE Team that Lower Version of PUBG is out for us which is great users who are on lower android phones I think this need to done for those who won’t able to play PUBG Mobile on their Phone

As Earlier We thought it should go live for Global which not happened currently it only PUBG Lite Available on few Regions due it still on development

Things are different on PUBG Lite

I Know You want to know What’s Different on PUBG Lite so on PUBG Lite is Small in Size Normal PUBG Mobile size is 3.18 GB about and the PUBG Lite only have 615 MB so it’s obvious that low graphics on PUBG Lite On Mobile and Believe or not there is no graphic option is there on PUBG lite the default low optimized one which make sense that it made for lower android

As we tried earlier as found that PUBG Lite Totally Different form PUBG Mobile

Here are Things You Need to Know

PUBG Player Limit
Player Limit

The Player Limit: Back Earlier I tried where only 40 player on Single match but now the limit increase to 60 as the continues updates are pushed by PUBG and we thought it would go higher to 100 player on single match but it totally depends on PUBG Team if they Increase the player limit to 100 as PUBG Lite on PC have 100 Player on single match 

Map Mode

The Map : Once I looked on PUBG Lite Map on Mobile the Map is to small only erangel map is out there and also have the Arcade Mode and you need to know that map not big as we get the default PUBG Mobile so match takes probe end one match within 15 to 20 Minutes.

Here is small Map 2km x 2km

Erangel Map

Places are

  • Downtown
  • Delta
  • Warehouse
  • Junkyard
  • Sinkland
  • Range
  • Factory
  • Village
  • Pilot Plaza
  • East District
  • Canyor
  • Old Basin
  • Promontory
  • East Port
  • Thirdhill
  • North Hill
PUBG Winner Pass

The Royal Pass : As We Know that there is Royal Pass is out there for the PUBG mobile while there is also have Royal Pass in PUBG Lite but its not a Royal Pass in PUBG lite its known as Winner Pass as New Season is not yet arrived so

If you want to see the Winner Pass on PUBG Lite so you need to wait until it get started   

PUBG LITE graphic
No Graphics Options

Graphic : When it Comes to Graphic on PUBG lite it seems the graphic is totally optimized to run lower android version and you not find any graphics option on Lite but You know we can adjust graphic on PUBG MOBILE I think graphic option may be included in future due its still on development

PUBG LITE Battle Coins
Battle Coins

Battle Coins: Battle Coins can use to purchase Premium Crate and for PUBG Royal Pass where in PUBG Lite there is no Pass is out due there is New Season is On the way we think soon it will available soon

PUBG Lite Gameplay

More in PUBG Lite

Let’s see What’s Inside in PUBG Shop

PUBG Lite Premium Crate
PUBG Lite Premium Crate
PUBG Lite Crate 1
Mobile Crate
PUBG Lite Crate 2
Soldier Crate
Soldier Crate

PUBG LITE can be run on 1GB of RAM


Yes! You can run on 1GB of RAM phones but I thought it will run smooth but I tried on 7 year old Samsung Galaxy Quattro believe or not I Shocked its Running but You can’t play flawless I tried a lot to play smoothly on it but game-play wasn’t so cool on it but tried on most of 1GB RAM of Phones not run as smooth as I thought

If you have more then 1GB of RAM like 1.5, 2 or even it working on 3GB of RAM earlier it not working on 3GB of RAM but after getting update on PUBG Lite its working even in 3GB of RAM so It Depends on you if you likely to play PUBG Mobile you can go for Lite One

What’s I Thought about PUBG LITE?

PUBG Lite is the Lighter version of PUBG Mobile and it made to run lower android phones I thought it good for those who want able to play PUBG Mobile earlier due some hardware limitations for now they can play With a smooth experience

It totally what I thought about PUBG Lite You can Share your opinion about PUBG Lite in comment

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