PUBG MOBILE on iPhone 5,5c Can You Run it?

iPhone 5 users can’t able to Play PUBG and lots of your ask about Why can’t Installed on iPhone 55c but I Thought I Need to give you answer this question In this Post I Will Try to Explain Why PUBG MOBILE is not Installing to Your iPhone 5

Note That those who are using iPhone 5s and later iPhone’s can able to Install as many of you ping me on Instagram to know about PUBG MOBILE for iPhone 5,5c

PUBG ios 9.3.5

Things You Need to Know about iPhone 5

IPhone 5 is quite old now as most of time you want to run smooth in 2020 which hardly not possible as sometimes it lags and many other issue occurs which is obvious to happened and many of you frustrated I know the feeling of being frustrated as usual for those who use and expect for powerful performance with it which is not possible

But, Dam! its Working in 2020 surprisingly

Will My iPhone 5,5c can run PUBG ?

PUBG MOBILE Requires at least iOS 9 or later but however whenever you try to Install but error appears you can’t able to Install and one of the big reason is iPhone 5 have old firmware and somehow this old hardware can’t able to run PUBG and it doesn’t mean that if You are on iOS 10

So, I thought many of you will again ask is there is any way means can we able to run it with Jailbreak as always you won’t suppose if somehow you Installed PUBG MOBILE on iPhone 5 which never going to be happened in any way

let’s assume if happened you ask yourself iPhone 5 can run it and Yes You get it what I am thinking if not here some reasons might be one of the reason of not getting to be Installed You Notice something that I notice is that 64 bit iPhones are very much capable even after they have 1GB of RAM e.g such as iPhone 5s,6

Both of This have 64 bit even updated to iOS 12 now but iPhone 5 it 32 bit and not updated to iOS 12 so it’s clear that hardware itself not support

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Is there is Any PUBG Mobile Alternative for iPhone 5,5c

Yes! There is always alternative available that doesn’t mean pubg will run only one battle royal game in present for the iPhone 5,5c which is freefire due it capable with iPhone 5,5c for sure you can play freefire at no worry due it support iOS 8 or later

So, These what for PUBG MOBILE for iPhone 5,5c

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