Pokemon Go Why Is On Trending You Should Know And How to Download

Meet the New Game Pokemon Go Why Is On Trending

Pokemon Go is free game provided by the Niantic, iOS and Android. It Has been released in July This game is now on the beta version may be the Stable version of the can been later this month. and starts with the Asian, European And with the US Release
The Game Allows to Train the Pokemon who was appear in the Game-play  The Game has free to play and it also has to in app purchase like the Poke Balls most of that the pro version of the this is going to be release in feature.As this game was received the most download app in United States in three days. Developer’s has confirmed that new features of this games can seen in the feature Updates
Going to Been seen in the Update
1.  The Pokemon,s Theme
 As prob that the in the upcoming should be contain with the much exiting Pokemon Go’s theme is going to be affect the Game-play gonna attract players with those themes and try to play the Game to the players in feature
2. Improvements In Gym And Poke Shops    
  As we know that the game is right now on its beta version and are now playing the basic version of the and  people can customize their functionality in the Game
3.  The Global score Dashboard
The Global dashboard can be seen in the next update.It gong to be show the who is the best player in the Pokemon Go   
How to Download the Pokemon Go Game   
As The Gaming going much popular day by players playing the game and hunting  those kind of monster in the game.As you can experince that the error coming on your screen that that has server is going to error so go upset make sure you properly see the server status is sever working with the online. 
So, if you are the resident of the US so you can download the Pokemon Game with Android’s Play Store and Apple,s App store on iOS device. The official availability made when is going to be release in your location. so if you are Cannot able to wait for play the game you can also play the by downloading the third party Apk from the third party website 
Android User Can Install By Following this Step 
So How to install the Game on the Android Device firstly we need that your phones can able to install the particular Apk by allowing the unknown source on the security setting on your phone 
for enable Unknown source Go to your phones setting select the security setting on your phone and tap the unknown source from your phone and go the third party website and download the game after downloading the game tap and just install it and play. 
iOS user can also install the Pokemon game by this steps
it was quite different tweaking steps to install the game for your iOS device so, you know the game is available only where the game is released.You Can also download by doing this steps :
Firstly, make sure that your are going to download in which location that game isn,t release the tweaking is that you should going to be logged out from you Apple app store from your iPhone by simply sign out
Next, we should logging again but we have to set the our Region as US or New Zealand coz the game is currently available in US and New Zealand. After Doing that you are now to download the game