Pokemon Go Addiction let,s you dangerous?

Don,t Get Addicted With The Pokemon Go why? 

Pokemon Go is now trending day by by million of user,s now installing Pokemon Go on their device you should have to that Game is actually the virtual game-play when you start playing game you start collecting Pokemon more you collect more you achieve the Pokemon,s Every Pokemon name has listed on the Game.when you tried to play the Game you actually finding the Pokemon in nearby your location. By Getting Achieving more and more Pokemon has you can battle with the Pokemon monster more you get Pokemon More your Score getting high.But actually people were getting addicted with this they does,t care himself as game is virtual you try to find Pokemon nearby you try every place,s you try to collect Pokemon on Street, in the traffic every where you can so, why we saying that addicted with game is incensing day by bay 

The Game What we talking is actually not been more than a month ago and this was just 18 days Ago when Pokemon Go has release.it was release on 6th of the July As game is right now release on few Country’s like Us and other soon coming as game received 30 million People worldwide as game is location based augmented game.

The Game is required internet with location based any they always try to show more Pokemon and they don,t have the common sense they to break the traffic the madness of the game. As the Release of this may be going to band for few country as if seen with the security reasons.

So don,t abdicated this to much play the with knowing  your safety