Panda Helper for iPhone/iPad iOS 12/15

Panda Helper is an alternative to the app store that allows you to download apps and games when it comes to alternative most of the stores requires no jailbreak with this app store you don’t need any kind of jailbreak well to install it

Most of the time you requires a certificate for installing an alternative store as non-jailbreak even with Panda Helper for iOS

Which iPhone’s is Supported by Panda Helper

Panda Helper supports most iPhone even if you have an old iPhone which is also supported no matter if you have an iPhone 4s or iPhone 12 the only thing you need to understand here is that some apps and games are not supported on older iPhone’s but it supported to newer iPhone with the latest version of iOS

Panda Helper Lite Vs Panda Helper VIP

It comes into two types one is lite version and VIP version both have their own benefits usually lite version is installed by most of you the main advantage of its no need for jailbreak and most of the time you face revoke issues with it but it VIP version comes with a solution for revokes which is the main advantage of its VIP which not free at all you need to pay for it US$19.99 every month

But, the lite version of it is always free with the downside of certificates revokes

Download Panda Helper for iOS

In order to download it, there is two way to one is its free version or VIP when it comes to download

First Go to Panda Helper

Go to Panda helper lite

Download it

Check the Certificates on Profile and management

Install it

Now Open Panda Helper

Why its Certificates Revoke

Its Use’s Apple’s Developer enterprise certificates to create and distribute iOS Apps which used Internal but its used by most of the users which lead apple to revoke the certificates for iOS apps that where are you no longer able to use the app

Is Panda Helper is safe

Panda helper is safe to use the best thing about this wasn’t require any jailbreak so you can install it the only problem you face in its free version is revokes and ads however there is VIP version with no revokes

Is Panda Helper is legal

Panda Helper allows you to download apps and games which is legal but when it comes to a paid games and apps you need to pay to download in-app store but providing them for free it’s not legal