OnePlus Nord Buds 2 Review – worth buying in 2023?

One Plus Nord Bud 2 is one of the Successors of last year released but does it worth the hype or not first this first available back in April and I have tried and tested this earbud a couple of times and this is my overall experience review OnePlus Nord Buds 2

Things you need to know about OnePlus Nord Buds 2

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 comes with ACC and SBC support with Bluetooth 5.3 while compared with its last year released Buds 1 that have Bluetooth 5.2 and one of the things that really surprised me with these earbuds is that it supports ANC at 25db which entirely justifies this price point with OnePlus and I think this quite impressive to see it actually works well

Inside the Box

Unlike other Earbuds you will get a charger, extra ear tips, and paperwork and slicker which looks cool you can use it in whatever place you want to paste, and with additional ear tips you can choose your fit and I know when you lose it will help for sure

Design and Build Quality

The Design is quite changed and it available two options for now whichever you can choose but I love its white once and it’s up to you what you want maybe you like its Black one overall on the design part its good

How to Connect Nord Buds 2 on Android

With Android, you can pair it very not only with OnePLus devices but it will connect non-OnePlus Devices to control overall ANC and Tranperany mode you need its app called “Hey Melody” to use it to take advantage of other settings available like updating the firmware, equalizer, and control the basswave

To Connect it on Android First Install the “Hey Melody App”

On the App Add it will Pop-up to allow the Bluetooth

it will connect

after that, you can use all the settings in the app

How to Connect Nod Buds 2 On iOS

Despite the hey melody app will not work Nord Bud 1 and Nord Bud 2 so it doesn’t mean you cannot connect it you can connect it with normal Bluetooth paring In-app controls will not work like control noise cancellation I don’t why this happen to iOS

Sound Quality

While using for it more than a while I tried it on both my iPhone and Android as well used almost all Netflix, prime video, Apple Music, and Spotify as well and sound quite great with it bass is good, ANC and Transparency Mode work great which acceptable with the price point

When it comes to Dolby Atmos it works best with its OnePlus Devices with Non-OnePlus devices you don’t find to control the Dolby Atmos which is wired


  • Affordable ANC earbud
  • Bass is Good
  • Call Quality is Also Good
  • Dolby Atmos Support
  • Support ACC
  • Fast-Charging Support


  • You cannot use Hey Melody in this Earbud on iPhone
  • No settings for Dolby Atmos in Non-One Plus Devices

Overall Experience

One thing that eye caching is that the ANC on this budget works well with the price point there is no complaint about it the bass is also good the only problem with iPhone is no support for the hey melody that needs to exist on the app to control the ANC and Transparency within the app I don’t why it does exit to use overall is affordable ANC is a budget segment good to go