Nokia 3 Now started getting Android Oreo 8.1

Nokia 3 Now started getting Android Oreo 8.1

Good News for the Nokia 3 Android Oreo 8.1 update started roll-out this update is rolling however it was a year now released but it still have sweet test Oreo luckily Nokia 3 users started getting Oreo updates it was great to know that many of phones which still not updated to the Android Oreo’s latest 8.1 as Android 8.1 update is major update for the Nokia 3 hopefully this update will improve overall stability and the performance of the Nokia 3   
Android Oreo which was a a year now and Android Pie is the latest running OS on Smartphone which is comes great new features and many improvement to the OS and really many things are changed In Android Pie Such as the Navigation Bar notification, recent apps, and many things revamped Well You need to know that Android Pie only Running with 1% of the phone 

Android Pie Already started Roll-out for the Most of the phone as first update obviously the Google Pixel and the Android One phones when it comes to Nokia Well definitely I would say that Nokia doing well in terms of Software upgrades to their Phone as it also rolling out Android Pie for the for HMD powered Nokia phone as previously started roll-out for Nokia 6 and for the other phones as expected soon will hit Android Pie to most of the Phone

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Ajay Sharma

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