Why No WhatsApp for iOS 8?

While Yesterday I got notice form WhatsApp that in WhatsApp no longer supports older iOS but i don’t even know about the iOS 8 would be the next one so its obvious No WhatsApp for iOS 8

WhatsApp left support iOS 6.1.6 and iOS 7.1.2 where the iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4s users can’t able to use WhatsApp to their iPhone’s however the compatibility to previous version will end 1st Feb 2020

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WhatsApp Update Notice to Users

WhatsApp iOS 8
iOS upgrade Warning

I Know you little worried what if WhatsApp no longer support on iOS 8 and really its worst nowadays having an old iPhone like 3Gs,4 and 4S due these iPhone quite old

I Mostly use iOS 8 on My iPhone 4s even on 5s i use iOS 10 for stable performance however i experience leggy on iOS 9 due i Downgrade to iOS 8 but i need to moved on soon to iOS 9 due WhatsApp no longer support to iOS 8

Why WhatsApp left support older iOS

As this not first time previously iOS 7 left by WhatsApp especially iPhone 4 users who can’t be able to use but near 2020 starting 1st Feb compatibility also no longer works so its bad but it need to happen due most of users still on older iPhone’s

One of the Major reason left older iPhone’s due expand it feature and fixing bug and improve overall stability

Time to Move to iOS 9

Now especially for iPhone 4s users who are not yet updated their iPhone 4s to iOS 9 due performance issue or they need iOS runs smooth in their iPhone 4s but now its time for iOS 9 for sure due apps for currently requires iOS 10 or 11

if You Moved to iOS 9 means a least you have access most of iOS apps excluding apps that came out by default iOS 10 or later