New Nexus Smartphones of 2016

New Nexus Smartphones of 2016

Hey there As we know that we are already seen the Android 7.0 has now can called the Android Nougat so, every time there is new Android operating system going to release than people talking about the operating System they forecasting the that what,s new pure Android Nexus device going to launched. There is no confirmation about next Nexus Device Going to be announced.

As earlier We saw that the Nexus 6P And the Nexus 5X were Announced at 29 of the Sep,2015 and the official released has done in October with Android Marshmallow 6.0 As expected that the New nexus device is to be going to release coming this last of September or may be at October this year.

As rumored There are currently two Nexus Devices.According to Android Police it backs up with code-names in his separate report claiming that M1 is going to refer as Martin And the S1 has the Sailfish

currently now we are on the beta version of Android N Developer Preview. Google Giving the Final touch up for the Final release. Rumored of the Manufacturer of the Next Nexus Manufacturer there is no confirmation that who is going to the Next Nexus Manufacturer.

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