New Mi 9 mi music player download Right Now

New Mi 9 mi music player download Right Now

Recently we are getting update in our Redmi Devices Mi 9 mi music player download  while in this update there is new update rolling out for Music app so you can easily able to update it however this update might not updated in your device in order to install what you should do right now so this update mainly available for stock version update of the Xiaomi  Apps so How to install the New Stock Music App right now so how Mi 9 mi music player download

Most of us currrenlty using the an old version of this Music App which can be easily able to upgraded by you so in this Music App wasn’t any especial likewise it works same as working as earlier but there is update to its App UI
How to Update Mi 9 mi music player download

In order to update you need to go to your System App updater then you need to checkout first is there is any update available for this update generally it shows which app updated likewise Google play store so first checkout there is any stock update needs update if you already downloaded this App then ok but not yet downloaded then simply go to system updater in order to Mi 9 mi music player download

For eg

Update Is rolling out so checkout below screenshot
First download this App which currently changes  version of  3.0.06i-122

After download open the Music App

The New App logo Appears while earlier this app icon was in red Now then agree the terms and conditions of the App and open

Now as you open this app now you can see this update with New UI well it looks good either you can able to download from this linkalso