Is WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 iPhone 4s Still Working

Is WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 iPhone 4s Still Working

Finally, WhatsApp ended support for the iPhone 4s which means you can’t get the update for a future version of WhatsApp which means you are no longer able to use WhatsApp as updated into your iPhone 4s as of now if you using iPhone 4s a couple of times you realized that it updates to iOS 10 which means if should you have iPhone 5 or later but is WhatsApp for iOS 9.3.6 working

Why does WhatsApp lift support iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s is too old now and the reality of this iPhone has a few percentages of users means and most of the time WhatsApp brings new features and there is security and bugs fixes which and this not happened for the first time last year it lifted iOS 8 support and now iOS 9 so means it’s not only limited to iPhone 4s only

if you have iPhone 4s and older iPhone such as 4 or 3gs means no longer able to use it as 4 and 3gs already dropped support by WhatsApp but iOS 9 official announced it left supported means if it working now that means it works longer means you need to take backup of your WhatsApp Chats to iCloud now

Can you still able to download WhatsApp

Yes it’s true you can still able to download it from the app store if you recently deleted WhatsApp and the thing is if it working and I downloaded an older version of apps for my iPhone 4s which is works but the thing some apps support and some require an update and its reality however you install an older version of the app will not work for sure

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Is WhatsApp for iPhone 4s still Working

As the support for the iOS 9 is dropped by WhatsApp it can take time to end total support WhatsApp recently I tried to install it on my iPhone 4s and its working which doesn’t mean it will work for long, however, it’s working its time to take a proper backup of your WhatsApp until it stops working

WhatsApp Ended Support iPhone 4s What do Next

Right now we can’t do anything if its working means you can use it for how long even I don’t know and its time you should move to iPhone that at least support WhatsApp at least iOS 10 and later but really you should

if you still use the iPhone 4s then its time you should upgrade your iPhone to the latest iPhone which suits your budget you can even go for refurbished which cost you cheap as newer iPhone its time you should upgrade your iPhone to at least to iPhone 5s or later that runs iOS 12 or later version of iOS here’s some iPhone’s you should pick first iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 or later iPhone’s if you want to get WhatsApp Working

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