Is WhatsApp backup not count with Google Drive ?

Is WhatsApp backup not count with Google Drive ?

Google Drive one of the best way to restore backups of WhatsApp if you are using Google Drive data so you need to know that your backup which has not updated more than a year will be removed from Google Drive which lead data loss of your WhatsApp Data

According to WhatsApp “Starting Nov 12  2018 WhatsApp backup can not count towards the Google Drive backup storage Quota. moreover, WhatsApp Backup that haven’t be updated in more than one year are removed from Google Drive storage.  To avoid loss of any backups, WhatsApp advocate for manual backup of your WhatsApp Data

If You notice that Google Drive will be no longer available for WhatsApp backup after 12th November but now you can able to backup your data before and there after the it will removed as Google Drive Provide per individual 15 GB of Free Storage and thereafter you have to pay for Google Drive Storage while new agreement will allow free backup for chat but it will be effective after 12 November 2018

So if not yet backup one another thing is to notice that Google Drive backup will removed if the update won’t more than one year so lets see What Happened in Future


Ajay Sharma

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