Is Spotify Working on iOS 12.5.7 iPhone 5s,6

Spotify is right now supported for iOS 13 and later which you require to have an iPhone 6s and later iPhones but it’s no longer working for iPhone 5s,& 6 due to its stuck at iOS 12.5.7 in the recent period we notice that many apps now require iOS 13 at least 

This is a clear sign that for iPhone 5s, and 6 users you need to prepare yourself to move to a different iPhone as more likely many apps will move to iOS 13 and iOS 14

Why Spotify 

When it comes to Music Spotify is the app that we look at first however maybe you use other apps but most of my friends and family I know use Spotify which allows us to stream free music content with ads which is not bad but sometimes it can interrupt your listing experience 

So, Spotify has a premium plan that is really amazing in terms of ads-free experience with songs, podcast can be done offline by paying a few bucks no need to connect every time for playing music just do offline your songs  

Is Spotify still Working on iOS 12.5.7

Spotify only works for those already installed before or using multiple iPhones which allows them to install the previous version of the app which is working for now but for how long no one knows

as most of the apps require to be updated apps like LinkedIn does not work no matter if you install the previous version as it redirects to Safari

if apps still working on iOS 12 for now in the near future may also require at least iOS 13 and later so you need to avoid getting the iPhone 5s, or 6 for now 

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Why do you need to move to a New iPhone? 

Having a new iPhone is always best because with comes with great new features and the latest iOS updates so there is app issue you will find on a new iPhone or have an iPhone that supports the latest version of iOS  

This means the iPhone 5s, and 6 are now old and you need to go for an iPhone that runs at least iOS 13 and later whereas many iPhone in the market is already available such as iPhone 7, iPhone 11

In the end, we need to understand that the iPhone 5s and 6 are getting old and we should have the latest iPhone