Is iPhone 8 worth in 2021 to Use

Is iPhone 8 worth in 2021 to Use

iPhone 8 come up the iOS 11 by default with A11 bionic chip inside of it which is faster comparing to previous iPhone’s and most of the time you experience a great performance with it however its getting old but the point is this iPhone 8 still worth to use

So, Why iPhone 8 still usable there is lot of factors that this iPhone fit very Well

Why iPhone 8 is Better than iPhone 7

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When it comes to comparing other iPhone’s with 8 especially when it comes to previous iPhone such as the iPhone 7 or 6s which is again worth to have but the perfomance you get on the iPhone 8 is better afcouse due to its A11 Soc

Moreover that the main key point is the performance and the battery backup you get on it for me its good those who satisfied with a smaller iPhone or you can go for iPhone 8 Plus, X which give bigger screen and bigger battery you can also go with SE 2020

Advantages of iPhone 8

When it comes to advantages iPhone 8 have lots of so let find out

A11 Soc Inside: A10 fusion is running on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which is older by the way you even it availbale to iPad also but the A11 is far more faster than the A11 which i think a plus point hvaing iPhone 8

Wireless Charging Support : first iPhone lineup that comes with the support of the wireless charging  and this will bring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to Charge with Wireless Charging and this support various charging devices too

Future Software Updates : One of the best thing that i love with iPhone is its timly getting the software update to eligible iPhone’s and recenlty it updated to the iOS 14 and we can expect the iOS 15 update to but there is no confermation about the when it availble

PUBG can be played in Extreme : PUBG on iPhone 8 can be played in Extreme Where’s previous iPhone 7 last go upto the Ultra which fair but i love to play in Extreme rather than the Ultra

Better Performance : Like Other iPhone Comparing with previous generation iPhone’s iPhone 8 gives far more better performance than the older iPhone’s such as 6,6s and even 7 and 7 Plus

Battery Performance : When it comes to ovreall battery performance of iPhone 8 i think you can expect a great battery life depending upon the health of the battery it will give a better performance due to its A11 Soc and it will better to chose to

Touch ID : iPhone 8 have Touch ID which is great for thoose who want a touch id on thier iPhone rather than the Face ID and for me Face ID is also Good but the lack is that there is no neural engine inside of it obious there is no Face ID inside of it

4K at  60FPS : iPhone 8 Supports to Record 4K videos up to 60FPS and this will bring iPhone 8 users to rescored better but iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can only record 4K video Up to 30FPs

Disadvantages of iPhone 8

You know that there is lots of advantages having iPhone 8 in 2021 which you can’t get on previous version of iPhones but the like having advantages it also has some disadvantages to

Small Screen : When it comes to the main key point is the obvious its screen which is quite small in 2021 reason its notches where’s if we looked out iPhone 12 Mini only have thin notches which is dam good

Single Camera Setup : Camera is the what we can expect in 2021 least to have dual camera so we can click portrait photos too however iPhone XR and SE can do the same but when it comes some extra features that makes iPhone’s camera way more best with its Night Sight

its Getting Older : it launched back at 2017 and we now at 2021 and its about 4 years old and we can expect iOS 15 update to but despite getting old major update may fade away but it can take time

Battery is average : i Know that having a good battery life what we need to have into our phones in todays standard it doesn’t fit to exception it quite average nowadays depends upon usage and health of the battery you may require to charge at least two times

Fast Charger : You Get the Normal Charger in the box but the point is where’s is fast charger you need to buy it separately as you it won’t came in the box

3.5mm Jack : For the this is wasn’t first time Apple not provided 3.5mm jack it started with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus however in box you get Earpods with lightning connector

ESIM : When it to dual SIM you won’t get Dual setup even there is no ESIM facility on this iPhone to you require to have at least iPhone XS, XS Max or XR

Should You Go for the iPhone 8 in 2021

When it comes to choose iPhone 8 in 2021 for me its good to have if you want a small iPhone with wireless charging and only need 8 than you can for it but i don’t think its good reason obvious SE 2nd Gen which comes with A13 which makes SE Powerful

What You thought about iPhone 8 i want to know let us know in Instagram

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