Is iPhone 8 still good for playing BGMI?

Want an iPhone 8 to BGMI

Is iPhone 8 still good for playing BGMI or not as this iPhone I used it for almost a year now and I find that it’s still capable to do most of the tasks and its performance will amazing as you don’t even notice that you are holding an old iPhone in my personal opinion

As the performance still holds amazing on this the only disappointment is that this iPhone has not received iOS 17 where we expected at least for iPhone 8 Plus which happened and this doesn’t mean that this iPhone is not useful I Shared its detailed review of the iPhone 8

But what about the BGMI on this iPhone 8

Things you need to know about the iPhone 8 BGMI Performance

I know many of you don’t like this small-screen size iPhone but for me, a small iPhone is still great and in terms of keeping it and using it one problem is that it’s having touch id and I know that you don’t like it at all sometimes weird

All we Consider to having a bigger display iPhone for playing games on a bigger screen size the experience is always best so when it comes to an iPhone 8 you will find that small but the performance you get on this on BGMI is still good but it depends on the battery health if you have to maintain 85% above you will have no issues

But, trying to play it on iPhone 8 Plus which has quite a good screen size compared to the iPhone 8 while playing on iPhone 8 plus you most likely love it for sure but overall iPhone 8 still gives you the good performance you need to compromise with the screen size

iPhone 8 BGMI Graphics

On iPhone 8 the best you need to know is that you can play HDR on it which is great but the downside is that you can’t play 60fps in HDR so I would suggest that you try to play smooth and extreme on this and you will love the gameplay as you will BGMI running so smooth on it in my experience I played with iPhone 7 but with iPhone 8 the graphics are great as you getting extreme in smooth while iPhone 7 lacks on ultra

Should I go for an iPhone 8 for playing BGMI?

I don’t think iPhone 8 is too bad its still available at a great price right now if you go to the offline second-hand market or even try a refurbished you will find a great deal on it and I don’t think that this iPhone 8 will disappoint you

I played it personally and I find that it runs way better compared to iPhone 7 so you should pick this iPhone instead

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