Is iPhone 5s still Worth in 2021[Honest Opinion]

Is iPhone 5s still Worth in 2021[Honest Opinion]

iPhone 5s is about 7 years old in 2021 the point is that can we use it and how much does it worth there is no magic happens here while this is mine Opinion Really Is iPhone 5s worth in 2021

When started move to use iPhone 5s as primary in 2020 some good things to happens and i experience something which you will know in This post that even in 2021 why its better

Best Things about iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s on hand

When i Move to iPhone 5s were previously mostly i Use iPhone’s as secondary for social media and calling the things that good happens can only realized by whom who using old iPhone’s such as iPhone 4,4s or 5,5c


  • its small fit on my one hand
  • You Get 4G LTE
  • 1st Gen Fingerprint sensor(Touch ID)
  • iOS 12 which is great on 7 old iPhone
  • isight Camera
  • Life Saver for old iPhone user such as iPhone 4,4s,5,5c

I don’t think that iPhone 5s will give you a powerful performance due its has aged A7 Chip which can’t battle with new powerful Apple Chips but this was a lifesaver if you won’t go for latest iPhone as i think for those who just frustrated being using old iPhone’s where’s you can’t even install the basic Apps

You can even move to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s

Supported Apps on iPhone 5s

I searched a lot to App Store what was i Found is that most apps required iOS 11 or iOS 12 which is great for 5s users but how long it will supported to iOS 12 No Idea

A least i Think in 2021 apps still supported on it so lite usage people can use it for normal but few apps such as Netflix for iOS 12 moved to iOS 13 however we can still able to download it

so mostly i used this apps and games

Supported Games on iPhone 5s

As it Running iOS 12 lite games still can be played on it as it can handle flawless might you experience some lags while playing some high end games such as Asphalt, PUBG etc.

Normally sometime i play candy crush, temple run on it even online games also good on this

i tried PUBG were what i get average of 89 Min playback in 90% in low power mode

Camera Tests

I don’t think that camera worst as it good for capturing photos but i think you get best photos to latest iPhone’s best but overall its good so i captured some photos with iPhone 5s you can checkout below


back Camera


Battery is i thought is less according to current time you get Li-Po 1560 mAh battery which somehow not enough if use frequently you need a least charge it to 2 times it eats battery a lot while using Apps with internet connection

While standby quite impressive you can use for normal for calls and SMS and it depends upon on battery health

Is iPhone 5s worth

its my opinion as per i using it on 2020 those who want lite usage as they required for secondary purpose such as calling, messaging as we can’t use it as primary

if you do so you might experience heat issue a lot which effect its battery life so minimal usage is good and best for lite usage people

Should I go for buy it

iPhone 5s is already discontinued and really hard to get in 20201 due its not available as new however refurbished available to purchase but its not worth it


  • No iOS 13
  • Heat Issues
  • Battery drains to fast
  • Small Display

You can go latest iPhone which is far better than iPhone 5s but if you want an iPhone for normal calling, SMS or Apple Music so you still choose it as secondary but not recommend primary to use it

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