Is iPhone 5s in 2019 Good With iOS 12

Is iPhone 5S in 2019 Good With iOS 12


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You want to buy An 6 years old iPhone 5S which now days either not available or it might be available Now at a cheap price so I not let you saying that it worst iPhone but understand the limitation of it if you really ask me that did you go for iPhone 5S now days really I don,t buy iPhone 5S now days you still want to know why this guy actually not buying iPhone 5S now Is iPhone 5S in 2019 Let’s see

iPhone 5s low battery

So if you want actually know about this this time In this post I covered those point which are really seems that iPhone 5S actually not good as much as compared now days iPhone however it now runs on iOS 11 truly is it one of our favorite one if we look back years ahead not problem with this iPhone its really cool right to use but forget those who still think iPhone 5S is best buy this 2019 but in this post I will share few thought that really most of the people think

The First 64Bit System iPhone 5S

Asking you when the First iPhone Announced

2007 iPhone 2G
Yes You Know
Thereafter iPhone 3G ,3Gs ,4 ,4S ,5 hopefully the iPhone 5S comes for the first time 2013 now remember that when it 2013 and really 2018 now days so how much it getting older right now yes it is old like 6 years  but the cool part is it still works on iOS 12 right now can able to handle it but really it can
The Answer is No There is some problem with iPhone 5S with iOS 12 nowadays if you are using then what are its advantages 
most of people until now using iPhone 5s most of you not yet upgraded to the latest iPhone still on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C the main reason why we still love to use this iPhone until now but the bed part is Apple no longer supports this older devices but iPhone 5S still get supports from the Apple
Highlights overall Specification
iOS                                 7 upgradable to iOS 12.3.1
RAM                              1GB
Display                           4.0 inch
Camera                          Front 1.2 Mega Pixel
                                        Back 8 Mega Pixel
Processor                      1. 3GHz  Dual Core
From Upper specification You get idea that now days it was,t fit nowadays there is far better iPhone available to buy this was ok nowadays not so cool as you want iPhone with Apple Logo that somehow good but need performance with iOS 11 then you should not go for the iPhone

Here  Most Common Advantages using iPhone 5s

iOS 12 : One Of the best Part is that iPhone 5S who qualified hardware that really capable for iOS 12 while later iPhone also Running iOS 12 however iPhone 4S still on iOS 9.3.5 which no longer supports iOS 11 even it wasn’t qualified hardware to get the iOS 10 but still iPhone 4s running well

New Features : All we Know features is only came after New iOS updated to iPhone while this IOS 12 come tons of new features which not yet available to older iOS this noted to be one more advantage of it
Access Latest iOS Apps : This is be noted that one of the main hindrance of iPhone ecosystem is Apps while Did you think even how frustrating is using an iPhone with iOS like 6.1.6, 7.1.2 and 9.3.5 however we can use Apps on iPhone but as expect of older iPhone’s they won’t got the updated Apps even cannot be able to to install basic Apps like Snapchat for iOS 7.1.2 , Facebook, YouTube for iOS 9.3.5 but still we can use in older iPhone Device’s with compatibility option 
As know you know iPhone 5s really usable now days but somehow there is some problems while using iPhone 5S now days

Common Problems while using iPhone 5S in 2019

iPhone 5s

IOS 12 not stable : Why we Saying that iPhone 5S won’t stable while there is no any hidden things let me simply explain a six year old hardware really handle latest iOS 12 No you need to know that iPhone 5S sometimes lags while using it while jumping to notification however it updated to iOS 12
iPhone 5S Heat Problem : Yes iPhone 5S hardware really old now days not be able to perform a heavy task you can take photos and listen music but it comes to play games really if you want play Games like Asphalt and Assistance’s Creed identity you will notice iPhone Heat up
Poor Performance while comparing Latest iPhone : Likewise is not actually fare to compare it but you need to understand that iPhone 5s quite slow as compare to iPhone 6 but can’t ignore that iPhone 6 powered by Apple A8 Chip yet iPhone 5s really struggling
No iOS Update for iPhone 5S in 2019 : iOS 12 last stable iOS  version for the iPhone 5s and there is few chances for iPhone 5s iOS 13 just think that if iOS 12 not yet stable so how iOS 13 could be run if suppose you get the update believe or not iPhone 5s might lost the stability let see if there update would be available 
Poor Camera : Another One thing should to be that while iPhone cameras impress while comparing mid range Android Phone but nowadays iPhone 5s can’t take battle with dual camera but honestly to say iPhone 5s camera is best while comparing most mid-range Android Phone
So, These are few are things you need really want know before going to upgrade your iPhone while iPhone 5s not so bad you can still use it get day to day task but if you can’t aspect awesome performance from it  
Let us know what you think about iPhone 5S now days it really a best buy
Or think you understand iPhone 5s nowadays performance then don,t go away without sharing let share with your friends they also know about this

Hopefully i Think Is iPhone 5s in 2019 

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