Is iPhone 4s still Usable in 2021 Here’s Reality

It really very a long time for the iPhone 4s and why I writing this post as most of you have an iPhone 4s however as secondary and really want to know is iPhone 4s still usable in 2021 we are going in depth and find out its really usable or scrap nowadays

When it comes to have iPhone and you still own an iPhone 4s which is don’t know why still running pretty well and most of the time I use it often to figure out its overall performance I know its kind of not fare compression over current generation iPhone’s which not fit at all

You Need Know that its all about my experience while found some good and some bad things about iPhone 4s and I tried cover those points that occurs while you use your iPhone 4s in 2021

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It’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantage’s is less rather then it disadvantage to have a iPhone 4s due most of use it as secondary means you still use it however it secondary


Compact:  It’s More Compact iPhone and it fit in your one hand and you can use with one hand which great I don’t know how many of often use it with one hand

Best for Secondary Use : I Already told you that most of you use it for secondary due for mainly for cellular calling so on

WhatsApp & Messaging : OMG! WhatsApp Still supporting for iPhone 4s for long time and its already left support for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 so it ok ok experience with iPhone 4s those who only use it as Messaging and iOS 9 still requires to use it

Compatibility Still Have: Yet Another advantage is that it still have compatibility of apps in previous post we made a list of iPhone 4s Apps that have compatibility so you can use old version of apps such as Youtube , Instagram and many more but how long don’t know

Facebook Lite : it’s great I shocked to see an Lite App on Apps Store were is limited to android phone only but Facebook Lite is good with normal one which big in size I think more Lite apps need to be made for iPhone 4s were we can still use it until it available to App store

Due to very small amount of adoption its going away form app store soon

Problems with iPhone 4s in 2021

Lack support of iOS 10 : iPhone 4s won’t run iOS 10 which makes iPhone 4s lack of apps already apps starts moved to latest iOS but when I Research to App Store I Found most of Basic apps are right now on iOS 10 such as

iOS 9.3.6 Is not stable : You Know that iPhone 4s with iOS 9.3.6 is not stable as if you use stock apps which is optimized and other third party apps not optimized for iPhone 4s however it support iOS 9 its buggy experience over apps as it running low specs

Limited Compatibility apps : Compatibility apps are less where few apps can be installed through it

No PUBG : I Know PUBG supports iOS 9 later but reality is that PUBG is won’t run iPhone 4s and it impossible to run

High Battery Consumption: it running iOS 9.3.6 were is battery is consumption is higher while using any apps or playing any normal games  

Heat Issue : it’s a common issue we can’t hide due it occurs while using it with iOS 9 but if you use iOS 6 with iPhone 4s you will find no heat issue due iOS 6 Light weight for iPhone and optimized but iOS 6 not usable due to apps

Poor Camera : Poor Camera due we are on dual camera night sight astrogpthy is possible with current gen iPhones but it only can average quality of photos  

No iOS Updates : So, There is no iOS 10 means there is No updates and its time wasting search stuff such iOS 13 for iPhone 4s or iOS 12 which is not possible due firmware not compatible iOS 10 Runs iPhone 5 and later iOS 12 on iPhone 5s later and iOS 13 on iPhone 6s Plus later

No Access of Latest apps : it obvious no iOS apps means no access of latest apps we need to rely on compatibility

Why I Still Using an old iPhone

You Know I thought that it would great to have new iPhone rather then an old iPhone there is something bond with me and old iPhone’s especially iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s I literally nobody force me out to use an old iPhone instead new iPhone’s that obvious have faster performance over iPhone 4s but for me a time were I mad about iPhone’s and bought my first iPhone 4 thereafter 4s

So, it doesn’t mean that relay on I used iPhone 4s I used most of iPhone e.g iPhone 6,7, and iPhone X as well as using currently iPhone 7


Yes I still going use in future due I Love iPhone 4s as it my second iPhone

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