Is iPhone 11 still Worth Buying in 2024

I know you want to know about the iPhone 11 will be worth in 2024 or not

This is my experience which I am going to share as I have been using this iPhone 11 for a couple of months now and it really won’t disappoint at all

Things you need to know about iPhone 11

iPhone 11 was announced back in 2019 with iOS 13 on September 20 with iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max which come with great new features as I found that you can still use it for almost every task you do day to day like Casual Gaming, Photography and for social media so I don’t think you will disappoint using this even in 2024

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iPhone XR in 2022

Technical Specs

iPhone 11 comes with a 64/128/256 storage option with a liquid retina HD display resolution of 1792×828 pixels with 326 PPI it’s powered by Apple A13 Bionic Chip which is faster than its previous-gen of iPhones with having 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU, and 8 Core Neural Engine


You can expect Great Performance while playing any high-end games or performing other tasks everything works buttery smooth no delay in opening apps I played various games such as BGMI, and Call of Duty works fine

so, you do not need to worry about the performance due to iOS optimized for iPhones


its camera can take great photos with its Dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide Camera with 2X optical zoom up to 5x and night mode previously there was no night mode available to the iPhone even the XR doesn’t have a night mode feature while it supports 4k recording up to 60fps which is good for capturing your videos


iOS 17.3 running on this iPhone which came out with iOS 13 back in 2019 and no doubt that Apple provides a longer update to its iPhone and iPad as well for iPhone 11 you can expect to get updates up to 2025/26 which means upcoming major iOS 18 updates can be expected


it has 3110 mah of battery which is quite good compared to the iPhone XR you will get a good amount of backup on an average battery it will last all day long and it depends on usage and battery health most of the time I found that I need to charge my iPhone 11 twice due to the lower battery health of mine

Pros of iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is still powerful

iPhone 11 is still powerful no matter if it’s getting old now but you experience that most of the tasks you do in day-to-day life you don’t find any issues and perform well most of the time

Supports Night Sight

iPhone 11 supports Night Sight which is great for taking low-light images and if you look at iPhone XR then you will missout the night sight feature

Support Ultra Wide Photos

When it comes to taking Ultra Wide Photos from your iPhone you need at least an iPhone 11 which you can click amazing photos which again iPhone XR Laks

Good Battery Life

Battery Life on iPhone 11 is still good for normal usage like for Social media and casual gaming but if you go for high-end gaming then you will experience that battery will drain fast for sure

Support iOS 17

As iOS 17 was out last year and iPhone 11 is also compatible this update brings lots of new features which makes it worth updating as I already shared it is some of the best features of ios 17

We can expect iOS 18

When it comes to iOS 18 which is not official we can assume that strong chance of getting iOS 18 if look at the past track record also going to be the last major iOS update for iPhone 11 however there is no official confirmation you need to wait for official announcement

Cons of iPhone 11

No 5G

I know that most of the want in 2024 want an iPhone that runs 5G but with iPhone 11 you going to miss out however 4G is not bad but 5G gives you faster downloading and uploading speed

Lack of OLED display

iPhone 11 lacks an OLED display as most of the current generation iPhones you find have the OLED display which makes the display more sharp and colors more appealing so iPhone 12 later iPhone is quite better

iPhone 11 is Getting Old

Believe it or not, iPhone 11 is getting old and it will be almost five years old in 2024 most of you want a 5G iPhone for now but I don’t think you should pick this iPhone

Is iPhone 11 Is Worth in 2024

iPhone 11 is getting old and one of the major disadvantages of having iPhone 11 is that it lacks 5G which doesn’t mean you can’t use it as most basic apps still support this iPhone so if looking at iPhone 11 at great deal then you can go for it otherwise i strongly recommend you to have an iPhone 13 or 14 at least


is iPhone 11 still good ?

Yes iPhone 11 still a good iPhone to get in 2024

will iPhone 11 get ios 17 ?

Yes we can expect an iOS 17 update

will the iPhone 11 support 5g in future?

No iPhone 11 not support 5g