Is iPad Mini 2 Still usable in 2022

iPad Mini 2 runs iPadOS 12.5.5 and the reality is that it is still capable to do a lot of things due to its getting too old Apple Discontinued this iPad back in 2017 which stuck at iPadOS 12.5.5 for now and you can expect any updates for now but really iPad Mini 2 still usable in 2022 or not

Nowadays iPads are more powerful if look into iPad Mini 6 which is far better than this iPad even its getting an update in the future too

Things you need to know about iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2 is come out in November 2013 with iOS 7 similar to iPad Air 1st Generation the difference between iPhone mini 2 and Air first generation is only limited to its size both have Apple’s A7 Chip and performance on both same

While iPad mini is quite portable in my option with easy to carry as compared to normal size iPad which usually comes with more than 9.7 inches that for many of you may find difficult to carry


When it comes to performance it can’t be compared to the iPad mini 6 comes with A15 Bionic with A7 performance still better for lite usage for making notes, attending webinars, watching movies, playing some casual games, reading ebooks, etc.

While you notice some lags sometimes which is common with 1GB RAM but surprisingly everything works great


Games on this iPad still run which is big deal but not all games are playable you experience obvious some lags while playing Asphalt 8, Call of Duty and there is no support of BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) casual games can be played like Subway Surfers, Smash Hits, Candy Crush, etc.

For Gaming, I don’t think it’s worth playing high graphics games

Why No iPadOS 13

When it comes to iPadOS 13 which is on supported iPads and iPhones this iPad mini is too old and has already received five years of major iOS/iPadOS updates even two years of security updates which is more than enough

Its hardware limitation may be one of the reasons you can’t see any iPadOS 13 or later


After the iPadOS 13 things are changed so far things like Mosue Support on assistive touch, multi windows on split view but despite its doesn’t support mutli window you can use one window at a time even there is no Apple Pencil support for this iPad which I think everyone wants to their iPad to enhance their performance

The Future of iPad Mini 2

In future you will notice about the apps which no longer support this iPad like three are multiple of apps are already starting support to later version of iPadOS 14 and iPadOS 15 that a clear sign that soon you need to upgrade to newer iPad’s

At the End this iPad Mini 2 usable but how long it depends upon apps supports