Is iPad Air still usable with iPadOS 12.5.5 in 2022

iPad Air 1st Gen or you can call it iPad Air 2013 which is about too old and really the point does it worth to have in 2022 so In this post I will go deep inside of it to figure out its overall performance and at the end, you will know the final verdict

So, When it comes iPads which can be used for various productivity things current generation iPads are way faster and do lots of things however I explore other iPads as well but having An iPad Air 2013 which feels still good on my hands

Things you need to know about iPad Air(2013) 1st Genaration

iPad Air was announced in October 2013 and released on 1st of November 2013 that comes Apple’s A7 Chip that running to iPhone 5s with iOS 7 last year it was updated to iPadOS 12.5.5 it has a larger 9.7 inch. Retina display that feels so good when it comes to watching video content and if you look out iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 which running the iOS version


iPad Air(2013) still works good but the performance you expect from this iPad is not comparable with nowadays iPad which is extremely faster that doesn’t mean that it can’t usable as I tried myself and surprisingly works good enough to perform the regular tasks such as Browsing Web, Social Media, Taking Notes and Streaming videos

but one thing that I notice is that it lags on some of the apps and games


Gaming on this iPad still can be played I tried games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Candy Crush like games are working good but playing high-end graphics like Asphalt 8 lags which you can play casual games only the issue with high graphics


iOS 7 is the native iOS version of this iPad and updated to iPadOS 12.5.5 and here you need to know that iOS 12 is the last major iOS version of it and there is no iPadOS 13 or even 15 as it old about 9 years in 2022


No Doubt iPad’s battery is way more better-compared form an iPhone which last longer and this all depends upon the battery health and if you are good battery health which gives good battery

Future of iPad Air (2013)

Having iPad Air 1st Generation in 2022 seems very old and I don’t think that you will get updates even it comes to apps compatibility for iPadOS 12.5.5 may be limited in the coming future which is the reason you should move to An iPad that Runs the latest version of iPadOS