Is Google Chrome Working on iOS 12.5.7 iPhone 5s,6

Is Google Chrome Working on iOS 12.5.7 iPhone 5s,6

Google Chrome is one of the fast and best browsers comes with great features we can’t ignore that safari provides more privacy options than other browsers but I rely mostly on Google chrome for me most for browsing my fav sites but if you have an iPhone 5s,6 then you are longer able to install Google Chrome for iOS 12.5.7 what to do now

I have tried Chrome on iPhone 11 and iPhone 7 & 8 as well works without any lags so, I found that google chrome now requires iOS 14 which comes with features loaded with fixed bugs but iPhone 5s and 6 now show that it requires iOS 14 or later required

Reasons Why I use Google Chrome

I Use Safari often very less Google Chrome is the official browser from Google and I came from the android eco-system and still, I have an android to so it has all the things I used in the past due to its Autofill for passwords and payments also its sync with the across the no matter iOS or Android

It depends upon you which browser you love to use for me Chrome works best you can use other browsers to

Why Google Chrome Moves to iOS 14

iOS 15 is officially out and apps updated now require to have at least iOS 13 or 14 means that you need to have at least an iPhone 6s or later iPhone to use apps while still, some apps support iOS 12 which I think soon left support for iPhone 5s,6 which I think one of the biggest reason is to fix bugs and expanding features for latest iOS

Google Chrome is perfectly working on iPhone 7 and other iPhones too only it requires iOS 14 on older iPhones so I already downloaded it to iPhone 5s which makes it to use it

How I Installed Google Chrome on my iPhone 5s/6

First, it’s not magic at all as I already mentioned that I previously installed Google chrome on my iPhone but really it’s working or requires another iPhone I found that it’s working now but again how long it will work for now so how you can install it now you just require to check on your already purchased items

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