Is Garageband Works on iPhone 5s,6 iOS 12?

Garageband is officially available for macOS, iPad’s and iOS and this is a pure digital audio Workstation that helps to create music and podcast with ease, and projects can be transferred to the iOS devices to Mac and when it comes to an iPhone 5s,6 which support iOS 12 so does it work or not

Which iOS version is Required for Garageband

Garageband is working fine with the latest version of iOS 15 no matter an iPhone or iPad you can install it and create songs, play them, and even share you can also use it for creating a podcast and this seems very perfect for those who want to use for their projects

While Garageband is support iOS 12 but we tried to install it on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 and it’s working very fine

Does Garageband support iOS 12

Yes it supports but the thing you need to understand is that you are getting a compatible version as the last support version for iOS 12 due to its a compatible version which means if new features came in near future for iOS 15 or 16 you will missout some features

Most of the time which I notice is that whenever there is a new release like last year few apps updated to iOS 15 such as iMovie however I installed the same and working again fine what I think it may also be updated to iOS 16 as well in the near future

most of you notice with most apps now can be signed with the apple

e.g. Evernote app in iOS 14 and later shows sign in with apple but iOS 12 lacks the feature

How to Install Compatible version of Garageband iOS 12

There are many ways you can install the last compatible version of the Garageband app this will work only if you already downloaded it before otherwise you can’t you need to search the app and if the cloud icon is visible means you already used it before

tapping to icon and

start to install it simple

Again if not works

Go to your Purchased items and search for the app and tap on the cloud icon and it starts installing

(not that its a compatible version of the app and may not work future)