Is Chimera Jailbreak Available for iOS 14 The Reality

iOS 14 can be jailbreak earlier the support for iOS 14 not available for the newer iPhone 12 series but now you can do jailbreak even iPhone 12 Pro Max but this supported by UncOver so on or you can go with other jailbreak methods to but iOS 14.4.1 already running on most of the iPhone’s if updated but Is Chimera Jailbreak iOS 14 supported ?

When it Chimera Jailbreak which is available for the jailbreak iOS 12 but really does it support iOS 14 running’s iPhone’s ?

Why Chimera Jailbreak

Chimera Jailbreak is came with many advantages as it not based on cydia but its also has alternative store which is sileo where’s you can still use it and still best you should try at you can use it for your iPhone

Most of you see Chimera is one alternative if you rely on cydia which is still one of the popular when it comes to jailbreaking and chimera is also good its has APT Package manger and can be used iOS 14

Is Chimera Jailbreak available for iOS 14

Chimera currently supports iOS 12.4 to iOS 12.5.1 this means if you have an iPhone that runs iOS 12 than you can do jailbreak which supports A7 iPhone 5s to A12 iPhone XR Most of iPhone’s currently running iOS 14 where’s iPhone XR running the same only iPhone 5s is running iOS 12 and later this means you can do jailbreak for iPhone 5s with it as already shared for Chimera for iPhone 5s

When it comes to iOS 14 there is no support until now means you can’t Jailbreak using Chimera due its no available yet but you could install its app store sileo

What if Chimera Jailbreak not available for iOS 14

The things is that if there is Chimera is available for iOS 14 means you can’t jailbreak as i shared previously how you can easily able to Jailbreak iOS 14 no matter if you have pc or not which is support most of the iPhone that runs iOS 14-14.4 and i tried to jailbreak my iPhone it works well and after that you can for it store

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Add Repo : repo.getsileo,app

Install sileo Prep

and Install sileo

you are done

if it is also available for jailbreak for iOS 14 than its sounds good to go with chimera hope may be in future who knows but if available is great

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