iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s [Comparison] Which is Best

iPhone SE and 5s both look slimier to each other but it doesn’t mean that specs will also be the same due there is lot of factors where one win in terms of performance and overall we lot to discuss about iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s

These iPhone’s still used by many of us which again good but really one thing that matters iOS updates are you getting or not even Is still usable

Which iOS both are Running

iPhone SE is better than iPhone 5s and there is reason is for that and one of its not about form factor size of it as both have different specs while there is a one big thing that matters to SE which is coming with the A9 SoC which is Powerful than obvious form A7

iPhone SE

When You hold both of two you experience both looks similar but one running iOS 12.4.9 and other is on latest iOS 14.2 however beta for 14.3 is available for it

iPhone 5s not Getting even iOS 13

iOS 13 is so cool new features a lot more improvements but it stuck at iOS 12.4.9 now and apps are started to move iOS 13 due iOS 14 is released which not for the first time previous iPhone’s such as 4s,5 no longer able to download latest version apps

But don’t worry if you already purchased before than you can able to download previous version of apps

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Is iPhone SE still Usable in 2020

Yes, it obvious due to iOS 14 and we know that iOS 14 is all new and most apps are on iOS 12 by the started to move iOS 13 and the best part you can still use it as you are on iOS 14

but, As it also getting old now in 2020 so you may experience some performance issue near in future due iOS 14 is last update and i don’t think it eligible for iOS 15 still there is no confirmation at all

What we think iOS 14 worth and last major iOS update form Apple but security updates as always Apple done great job recently providing iOS 12.4.9 update for iPhone 5s,6,6 Plus

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iPhone SE 2nd Gen in 2020

What Makes iPhone 5s Special
iPhone 5s

For the First iPhone 5s World’s first iPhone that came with 64 bit architecture which makes iPhone 5s A7 Chip faster than the A6 performance and graphics also 2x faster


Despite getting old no more Major iOS update but it still worthy if you want iPhone for small and fit in one hand than iPhone 5s won’t disappoint you but you should skip iPhone 5s and go for iPhone SE which is far better

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