iPhone SE 2 in 2020 Worth Explained Everything

As Apple Announced iPhone SE 2 which is Really a Good deal in 2020 where’s some people still have iPhone 6,6s,7 or moved to an iPhone 11 and 11 Pro iDevice and one of the basic question does it worth buying or opt out any other iPhone but before you moved

One things that Apple Did Great which is the Price Point going to shock you $399 iPhone which is absolutely great however there are some point which I think to remember about this iPhone SE 2 in 2020 Worth or Not

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Things You Need to Know iPhone SE 2nd Gen

You May called it iPhone SE 2020 Version or SE 2nd Gen before i tell you about the iPhone SE 2 first you need to know that iPhone SE which is running iOS 13 which is good and everything fine but one thing that keep you and me disappoint the Screen Size which is small by the way

It doesn’t mean that iPhone SE is not good it’s a powerful iPhone in small size

So, iPhone SE 2 which is announced and the great thing we know the price as its cheap which is $399 in US Dollar and it will not same at all-region might be price increased   

Reason’s Why iPhone SE 2 Worth


Its Cheap : Yes! Believe or not its cheap you can get it in $399 which is pretty great deal for everyone As I already told you that might be price not be same for all the regions so you might experience prices increased in other region however in US you can get it at $399

Latest A13 Bionic : One of the shocking part about the iPhone SE 2 which is running the latest A13 Bionic so there is no doubt you can expect great performance on it however you can get it on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro which is high priced and I think only few people opt out for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Where’s the budget is mainly targeted

Touch ID : OMG! Apple Did That and the Answer is Yes You Get Touch ID on iPhone SE 2 same as the older iPhone’s were used to such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s,7,8 i think this is great those who don’t go for Face ID

Dark Mode : Dark Mode Surprisingly available on iPhone SE 2 as iPhone SE also have Dark mainly dark mode available those who are no iOS 13 Where’s iPhone SE 1st have so it cool but you can get it on iPhone 5,5s and iPhone 6

iOS 13 : iOS 13 currently the latest One and if you want to Use iOS 13 make sure you have iPhone 6s and later iDevices so as iPhone SE 2 out of the box is new so it obvious its running iOS 13 and you can expect later iOS update for 100% sure

AR : if You Notice AR(Augmented Reality) Which is available which again great you can use it to your iPhone SE

Dual SIM : Dual SIM which is Good in This price point as you can use it iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and iOS 12.1 or later

Haptic Touch : So, the Haptic touch is seen in first iPhone XR it does basically whenever you touch and hold gesture on screen can access additional information

Stereo Audio Recording : You can Record Stereo audio while capturing your video’s on iPhone SE 2

Wireless Charging : Belive or not this iPhone Support Wireless charging but as you know you need to buy it separately due its not came in the box

Reasons Why iPhone SE 2 not Worth


if You used older iPhone such as iPhone 6,6s,7 then it will be best to move iPhone SE 2 but wait there is some point where’s the iPhone SE 2 no fit or you could wait for the iPhone 12

Bazels : I aware that iPhone SE 2 with small screen i thought if there is no bazels on the upper and down side will be better were’s the down part was left for the Touch ID so those who want iPhone X type Screen size might there is disappointment

Small Screen Size : if you see current gen iPhone’s such as iPhone X,Xr you will get big screen size which is best for me and you also like that one so if you addicted to use bigger display’s so this will again disappoint you for sure

Single Camera : Yes it True you get a Single Camera instead dual camera setup which can take portrait so it doesn’t mean you will get the night sight in this iPhone hope apple might give to iPhone SE 2 in future but it totally depends upon apple

Identical : if you seen before iPhone 8 then you will know that it looks a like iPhone 8 but it doesn’t its SE 2 with enhanced hardware with is good but i thought apple may be design it as iPhone X but apple continue with old look

No Face ID : You Need to know that there is no face ID insted you need to rely on its home button which is touch id obvious may feel you are using old iPhone 6,7, or 8 as it iPhone X Gen iDevices

No OLED Disaply : if you expect for the OLED display to have on iPhone SE 2 but the reality is that you again need to rely on its Retina LCD display but if you want OLED display then its not made for you

No Headphone Jack : iPhone SE 2 not came with Headphone jack but the previous iPhone SE supports headphone jack


The main Point is does it worth or we need wait and buy other iPhone’s ?

so, two thought’s Regarding this iPhone SE 2

First, Those Who are on old iPhone such 6,6s,7 or 7 Plus and want for upgrade so here Apple Did Great Job You will feel good to have as most of users who are currently using old iPhone’s

this is perfect time then can switch to iPhone SE 2 due you getting a enhanced hardware and software which is far better then the iPhone 6,6s,7,7 Plus even form iPhone 8 and Plus

Second, Those who are on iPhone X,XR,11 or 11 Pro I don’t know how many of you move to iPhone SE 2 after using X Gen iDevice’s as you miss out some features that such as Face ID and many more you can wait for iPhone 12

Overall, if you don’t have hesitate using a Small Size iPhone in 2020 then you can go for iPhone SE but you don’t won’t to use iPhone SE 2 due you are on iPhone 11 or Pro you could wait for the iPhone 12

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