iPhone 7,7 Plus Speaker not working Can we fix it

Using iPhone 7 for a long time and its speaker stopped working

For iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus both iPhones have great in terms of lite usage now matter now 2023 but the biggest problem is that we face many issues if we don’t maintain them properly I know many persons who are using and still maintain it


sometimes things bad happen to users so I faced with my iPhone 7 my speaker stopped working how I fixed it I will tell you the exact thing that I did with my iPhone 7 which doesn’t mean it will work for everyone

What happened to my iPhone 7 speaker

I was using my iPhone 7 not working properly it usually does not happen however in my case my issue happened when I replaced my battery the problem happened with the person who changed it but it fixed by them

in my friend’s iPhone 11 but the problem is not fixed due to water damaged iPhone itself reboot

Make sure you identify the exact problem of your iPhone or whatever iPhone you are using right now most of the time you can check and fix the problem in most cases you require to take it to Autriozewd Care

So, Here are some fixes you can try

Check Your iPhone Volume

First, you verify that your iPhone has a proper volume or if it is stuck on no volume however in most we forget to check this so check it first

Check the Mute Button

Doing Mute on iPhone is quite easy I know you have to just slide the mute button again you need to verify that you are still on mute if exists then all you need to do is to unmute your iPhone I know this might not helpful for everyone

Check Bluetooth is not Connected

Are you connected to Bluetooth devices if its connected try to turn off the Bluetooth icon of your iPhone 7 or whoever iPhone you are using

Restart your iPhone

I know you have doubts that do restart your iPhone will work hopefully in some cases it works so try to do it

Update Your iPhone if Available

Also, you can try updating your iPhone might your issue fix

Clean your Speaker

Next which I do not recommend you do by yourself is to clean the speaker at your own risk try to clean the dirt inside the speaker with a toothpick

I hope you tried these things if still notice that this method not helping you out then there is no option you need to visit the authorized repair

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