iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Cost and Does it Worth?

Many of you know that iPhone 7 is still used by most of us even me also so its common that your battery might not provide proper battery backup and you decided to replace it near you but really you should Replace iPhone 7 battery does it worth and how much it will cost to you

I know many of you want to get it but curious about the overall battery backup or your iPhone 7 not providing a proper backup or maybe other issues

When to Replace your iPhone 7 battery

When to Replace your iPhone 7 battery no matter any iPhone you want to things you need to know that there are different situations you need to first figure out such as

  • Bootloop
  • Low Battery Health
  • Heat issues
  • Not Giving Backup

In My case battery health went down from 80% to 75% and did not give proper backup but never shut down most of the time you don’t require to replace your battery about 85 to 95 replace only if you experience backup is good or upper mentioned things

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How I Replace my iPhone 7 battery

Those who use the iPhone 7 for a long period of time get noticed that their battery health is reduced who get from OLX or from the second-hand market or using the iPhone for a very long period of time

Recently my iPhone 7 battery went from 80% battery health to 75% then I decided to replace it I thought why not go to a local shop which cost under Rs. 1500/- for it as I was in a hurry my recommendation was always to go to Apple Service center care to replace the battery which is far better than the local

iPhone 7 Battery replacement cost

The replacement cost of the battery depends on where you replace if you replace it with Apple Service Center it will cost more but you get the original battery even there are many ways you can replace it I prefer always Apple but I was in hurry to replace that why replace it local shop

The cost of a battery may fluctuate at various Apple Service centers which are around Rs. 3500/ or with a local market of it may usually cost 1000 to 1500 which not original but can be used

iPhone 7 Battery backup after Battery replacement

The Reality is that battery performance somehow increases but expect too much as it will provide backup for sure longer than the previous one due to iOS 15 you experience battery drain compared to iOS 14 this is what you need to know about the battery replacement of the iPhone 7

Overall from my experience, it will sure you with average battery backup which seems good for a six-year-old iPhone that still running with the iOS 15

Is it Worth replacing iPhone 7 Battery?

So Why Replace the battery even you ask me or anyone that replacing a battery is really worth your money unless you get the right battery for your iPhone 7 and always recommend having an original battery

I know many of you don’t get it due to any near Apple Service Center where you can get a compatible battery for your iPhone 7 in your near market which cost less than the normal price

At the End

It’s up to you where you want to replace