iPhone 6S Better than iPhone 6 Here’s Why

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 both have different specs as these two iPhone’s used by most of you in 2020 anyway for me these two iPhone’s still best in terms day to day usage but Why iPhone 6s better than iPhone 6 lots of reason behind it

I Used both iPhone’s and I found something interesting you need to know

Things You need to Know about iPhone 6,6s

When I dig between these two iPhone’s than I got my answer

These two iPhone are still good in even in 2020 which is best apps literally tried most of the apps on both iPhone’s working pretty well it doesn’t mean apps way more responsive on both

as iPhone 6 stuck at iOS 12

However iPhone 6 can still fuel your day with light usage watching content on YouTube, Netflix, or other OTTP light games and apps or listing music on it and at least you can do kept it for day to day messaging and calling I used it more than a month and surprisingly it wasn’t dispoint me in any way


Is 6s Worth in 2021

Did You Know, iPhone 6s supports iOS 14

iPhone 6s getting more advantages form iPhone 6 due we can easily measure it performance as it has A9 chip inside on it so clear getting better performance than iPhone 6 In Fact I Usually play Battle royal games such as PUBG and while I compare both you can see iPhone 6 can support up to Medium but iPhone 6s you can go with HD which is Good

Usually When I Tried both of them are good in terms of day to day light usage

but its better to have iPhone 6s

Did You Know iPhone 6 still support iOS 12

usually I used it as secondary so it helped me in day to day usage I used only social media on it not used as heavily unless I decided to use for primary

When I decided to use it as primary usually I check PUBG Performance on it you can check what happened when I played PUBG on it

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Why iPhone 6s Better than iPhone 6

No doubt people still using and if you are a light user or heavy it won’t disappoint you in anyway and it depends upon on your usage which I think first to be consider what you gonna do with it

if we see as gaming I thought it has good specs however we can’t expect a flagship kind of performance from it at least it will give better than iPhone 6


what if I play smooth+High on it on PUBG but it usually not possible by default in iPhone 6 but iPhone 6s can go with HD

Overall Experience,

My Experience with these two iPhones is good

I don’t experience any issue while using it and problem only with this is battery

if you using it form last two or three years then battery degraded but if you replaced then you can experience better battery life

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